What is meant by the term war of attrition?

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In military terms a war of attrition is one where assaulting forces are so constant and over powering, that the enemy no longer has the forces to carry on the war or the battle. US Grant believed that in order to reduce the enemy, a war of exhaustion was the way to proceed.
A situation where there is no room for negotiation, and the two sides simply slug it out until one of them runs out of men and supplies.
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What is war of attrition?

In the Vietnam War, it was killing more of the enemy then they could kill of allied men. Who could kill the most men, thus wearing their adversary out...causing him to either

What is meant by the term the Great War?

The Great War is what World War 1 (1914-1918) was referred to before World War 2 began and it was renamed.. It wasn't great because it was good fun ! Far from it, it was beca

What is attrition of war?

Wearing down the enemy, see who wear out whom first. The actual term in war, is "who can kill the most men" thus causing him to either lose the war or quite the war.

What is the significance of the defensive war of attrition?

Its significant because both sides tryed to use it and "wear out" the other side. . Answer: A defensive war of attrition is a strategy typically chosen by a side which

Explian what a war attrition mean?

Vietnam was a war of attrition. Kill as many communists as possible. The communists in turn, will try to do the same to us. He that kills the most wins the war. The measuring

A war of attrition is defined as?

In World War II as in any military conflict on a small or largescale, a war of attrition is always defined as a contest ofresources. Each side in the conflict seeks to wear do

Who won the War of Attrition?

The " War of Attrition" is not a war that can be won by either side. The War of Attrition is a battle strategy in which the side on the offensive, launches several non-stop ad

Why did the war become a war of attrition?

Couldn't advance into North Vietnam like the allies advanced into Germany, Japan, and Italy during WWII. THIS WAS TOTAL WAR. Couldn't advance into North Vietnam like the UN a
In US Civil War

War of attrition fought by Grant?

Yes. When he moved up to General-in-Chief in March 1864, he realized that the war could only end through attrition - that is, the North simply taking advantage of its bigger