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What is moderate bilateral foraminal stenosis?

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An explanation of neural formainal stenosis:
Neural foraminal narrowing is a common result of disc degeneration. Spinal nerves pass through an opening in the spinal column known as the foramen. The process of disc degeneration or bulging causes the foramen to become narrower. Once the foraminal opening reaches a point of compressing the nerves inside the spinal column, pain, numbness, tingling, and muscle weakness often occur.
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What is uncinate hypertrophy of the c3 c4 with moderate bilateral foraminal stenosis?

The uncinates or uncovertebral joints are joints only found in the part of the spine that is in the neck (the cervical spine). When the uncinates hypertrophy, that means that

What is a very small posterior disk bulge at L4 L5 with no significant central canal stenosis but mild bilateral neural foraminal narrowing?

Your radiology report is basically saying that you've got a small bulge (herniation) at the disk between the 4th and 5th lumbar vertebrae (the most common problem area for mos

Mild bilateral foraminal stenosis at L4 - 5?

A foramen is a hole.  Stenosis is a narrowing of that hole.  Your spine is made up of bones called vertebrae that are named by their region (cervical, thoracic, & lumbar - C

What does bilateral neural exit foraminal stenosis of moderate severity at the L5 S1 mean?

  Answer     A disc is a cartilage component that separates 2 vertabrae. By separating these two structures, it allows a space for 2 spinal nerves to exit, one

What is small tear of the posterior annulus at L5-S1 mild bilateral neural foraminal stenosis?

There's actually 2 separate indications in your Radiology report: Mild bilateral neural foraminal stenosis is a common problem with most people. The Foramen is the spinal open

Bilateral neural foraminal stenosis?

The Radiology report indicates that there's a a narrowing (stenosis) on both sides (bilateral) of the foramen, which are the holes through each vertebrae where the nerves exit

How does Bilobed disc protrusion resulting in moderate central canal stenosis and moderate bilateral neural femoral stenososis and moderate cord deformity at C5-6 effect you?

You are obviously talking about MRI or CT findings probably described in a radiologists report.  Essentially these are findings describing what is seen on these pictures of y

What does moderate bilateral inferior foraminal narrowing contributed to by mild facet arthropathy and hypertrophy of the ligamentum flavum mean?

The discs in your back are separated by what are called Facets, one on left. one on the right that are placed up and down (bilatteral. ) Screw it, basically what it means is t

What is neural foraminal stenosis?

I got into a car accident in Sept. 08, I've had severe pain since said time. I've had two different MRI's, one laying down and one standing both showing problems, pretty sever

Nueral foraminal stenosis?

Neural foraminal stenosis is a condition in which a spinal nerve is  compressed, causing pain and numbness of the lower back or the  neck. It can be caused by herniated or b

Moderate foraminal stenosis?

Moderate foraminal stenosis is the gradual constriction of the  foraminal nerve passageways in the spinal column. Forminal stenosis  occurs as we age and causes pain in the