What is more important in Tanzania gender or age?

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What is the main import of Tanzania?

Import Export, pier import, import opportunity, furniture import, import supplier, Asian, dvd, business, African, food, shoes, bulletin board, street racing, dockside, cds, gl

What does Tanzania import?

There are so many things that Tanzania imports into the country.Some of the main imports include electronics, processed foods,computers and other essential commodities.
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Why is Tanzania is very important in Kenya?

There are several reasons: 1.Geographically Tanzania borders Kenya from the North! Almost half of Kenya is dry arid land...... unsuitable for any kind of economic activity,
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What is the importance of Tanzania population census?

to know the birth and death rate,number of literacy and illiteracy,provision of social services,dependant and independant,level of development,number of people accros the area
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What are the constraints of gender mainstreaming in Tanzania?

One of the constraints of gender mainstreaming in Tanzania is thelongstanding incidence of misogyny, which is a hindrance to gendermainstreaming in most cultures. Another are