What is not easily set on fire?

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I would say ice is not easily set on fire.
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How do you get a fire brush easily on Neopets?

By getting around 10 million neopoints and going to trading post and type in "fire fire, your pants on fire paintbrush" (but with out the " " marks) in browse categories and p

What element catches fire easily?

Li, Mg, Na, K, Rb, Cs are some metals that catch fire easily. Sulphur and Phosphorous are two non-metals. Hydrogen is an element that catches fire easily and in fact explosiv

Does aluminum easily catch on fire?

Aluminum is a metal. Most structural metals do not burn easily. Aircraft fuselages are manufactured from an alloy that is mainly aluminum. A key requisite for safety is that i

Does iodine easily catch on fire?

idk! no one has it anywhere! at this one site, they said that density was a chemical property! what are they talking about? it's physical! gee people! doesn't anyone know what
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Does oxygen catch fire easily?

No. Oxygen is not flammable. Rather, it supports the combustion offlammable materials. Fire is a chemical reaction between oxygen andsome flammable material. Higher concentrat