What is organism's genus and species names?

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A Gaggle Of Goose Genera

Somewhere in between swans and ducks lie geese, the weighty water dwellers that inhabit ponds and lakes and coastal regions. Characteristic traits of members of any goose genu (MORE)
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Grammar in Biology: What is the Plural of Genus?

Biology may be a science, but writing about biology is an art. Great writers, such as Lewis Thomas and Stephen Jay Gould, incorporate elegant grammar into their informative wo (MORE)
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Understanding Plant Names

Common plant names sometimes don't translate well from one area of the country to the next. Botanical names can seem a bit intimidating and confusing, but when broken down in (MORE)

Defining a Species as Endangered

Many individuals are concerned about the well-being of the various species with whom humans share the planet. From the smallest fungi to the majestic elephant, different speci (MORE)

Types of Conifer Trees

A conifer is a type of tree that produces a cone, like a pine cone. In terms of taxonomy, these trees belong to the order called Coniferales. Conifers are also characterized b (MORE)

Common Species of Oak Trees

There are hundreds of oak tree species that grow throughout the northern part of the world. A number of those grow in the United States. Oak trees belong to the genus called Q (MORE)

What is the genus and species of Strep Throat?

There are two of them. The genus is the first part, always capitalized, and the species is the second part of the word. When typed it needs to be italicized and when written i (MORE)