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Passive income is a rent received on a regular basis
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What is steel passivation?

  Passivation is removing the free iron and other exogenous materials from the surface so that a good passive layer can be formed. In the case of carbon steel, this is not

How do you get passive immunity?

You can get passive immunity through a placenta when you are a fetus in your mothers womb or you can be injected with antibodies that have most likely been forced to grow due

What is a passive reader?

A passive reader is a reader who does not pay any attention to the reading; a daydreamer; an unresponsive reader.

What is passive behavior?

Passive means that you are not bothered essentially. I don't mean to sound bad but a passive person just lets the world go by and they go with the flow. It is not a good way t

What is passive hanging?

A method of suicide that has the victim sitting or kneeling and leaning forward. They can EASILY stand up or move and stop the process because they are not "hanging". However,

Why is passive transport called passive-?

Passive transport is called passive because it doesn't require  chemical energy intervention to occur. The four main types of  passive transport are diffusion, facilitated d

What is passive insufficiency?

    The inability of a muscle that spans two or more joints to be stretched sufficiently to produce a full range of motion in all the joints simultaneously.

What is income?

What is income? The amount of money or its equivalent received during a period of time in exchange for labor or services. What is income? The amount of money or its equiva

Is osmosis passive?

Osmosis is defined as the movement of water through a semipermeable membrane from a region of low solute concentration to an area of high solute concentration. In theory water

Who is passive customer?

Passive customers - silent, go with the flow, don't complain, provides little or no information, lacks immediate feedback

What is passive?

Passive means, not active. It has a number of applications - in grammar a verb can be passive, in electronics, components such as resistors, capacitors or inductors are passiv

What is passive component?

Passive Component   Passive components are components that don't require power being applied in order for them to work. A transformer would be considered an active comp

What is a passive bystander?

First, "bystander" refers to a person nearby something, such as a crime, but not involved in that thing. "Passive" could either mean that the bystander is not active, inferrin