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A program that logs keystrokes when you type a password
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What are Sniffer Dogs?

  Sniffer dogs are used all over the world to detect hidden items. Police use them to help catch criminals. The dogs sniffs something belonging to the criminal then tries

What can a packet sniffer do?

A packet sniffer is a network communications analysis tool which can capture and display networking packets for certain protocols and physical layers, subject to the sniffer's

What are paua sniffer dogs?

Dogs who have been trained to sniff out hidden caches of Paua from where poachers are hiding them.

What is a swine's sniffer?

In slang, it is a rude way to refer to a persons nose which may be upturned. Also called a 'pig sniffer' from the noses shape

What is a swine sniffer?

In urban slang it is a rude way to refer to a person's nose that is upturned. It is also sometimes said as "pig sniffer", meaning that is the shape of their nose.

What is the salary of a fart sniffer?

"Two farty" (240) per couplet (as my Irish uncle might say).

How do sniffer dogs catch criminals?

Today, most policeman and people working on borders use animals like dogs to search to see if the truck isn't carrying illegal or harmfull products. Sure, the products may hur

What are sniffer dogs jobs?

Each 'sniffer' dog is trained to detect certain smells depending on the area it's working in. This can be drugs, explosives, money or people.

What does a sniffer program do?

A packet sniffer uses a network connection in promiscuous mode to receive and record packets that were not intended for that computer. This can be used by a network administra
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What is a sniffer?

A sniffer is a person who sniffs drugs or toxic substances.