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A program that logs keystrokes when you type a password
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How do sniffer dogs detect marijuana?

obviously by using their noses!! they are trained to alert their officer that they have picked up a strong scent of it, they then lead the officer(s) to the grow op/storage. s

What can a packet sniffer do?

A packet sniffer is a network communications analysis tool which can capture and display networking packets for certain protocols and physical layers, subject to the sniffer's

Are sniffer dogs given drugs in training?

No. Sniffer dogs are taught to associate the smell of drugs with a reward. Usually the reward will be having some play time and praise from it's handler. Certainly the canines

A packet sniffer is a program that can enable a hacker to do?

View the "packets" of information that your computer sends over the internet. This may allow the hacker to see what websites you are viewing, what you are doing on them, and m

How long does it take to train a sniffer dog?

hi i am zain! the answer can be too long too short! dear questionier it depends of what breed dog is,blood hound,labrador retriever,golden,pointer german or english,german she

What are advantages and disadvantages of packet sniffer?

A packet sniffer can also be used on the Internet to capture data   traveling between computers. Internet packets often have very long   distances to travel, passing t

How do you hide drugs from sniffer dogs?

depending on the drug at hand there are numerous ways. as an offspring of a former latino cartel member i would know. most common: WEED---- First way: 1.Put it in a

Is sniffer the Beanie Baby rare?

well, if he's in really good condition and comes in the case then he's $53 so if you have sniffer in good condition and in the case good luck selling!

What are Sniffer Dogs?

  Sniffer dogs are used all over the world to detect hidden items. Police use them to help catch criminals. The dogs sniffs something belonging to the criminal then tries

How do sniffer dogs catch criminals?

Today, most policeman and people working on borders use animals like dogs to search to see if the truck isn't carrying illegal or harmfull products. Sure, the products may hur