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The spiritual "shepherd" (leader, mentor, servant) of a Christian church.
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What are the pastorals?

The "pastorals" refers to three epistles attributed to St. Paul but which appear to have been written in the second century CE, because they are concerned with pastoral issues

What are pastores?

Christian ministers or priest having spiritual charge over a congregation or other group.

What is pastor mcknight's wife name?

Pastor McKnight's wife's name is Cynthia McKnight. Pastor Warren C.McKnight, Sr. is the pastor of the Love Kingdom Fellowship Church.

What is Pastor Emeritus?

If the question has not been answered yet, then maybe there is noanswer. The term is not applicable to churches.

What is Pastor Brian Carn's biography?

Prophet Brian Carn was born September 11th, in Jacksonville Florida and raised in the admonition of the Lord. He received the Lord in his life (salvation) at the early age of
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What is Pastor Troy famous for?

Pastor Troy is famous as an American rapper. He is part of the rap group named D.S.G.B. They perform music genres including hip hop and more hardcore rap.
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What is Pastor Lopez famous for?

Pastor Lopez born in June 1994 is a singer from Venezuela. Pastor Lopez formed his own band in 1973 and has released music tracks in Venezuela, Peru and Columbia.
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For what is Pastor Hezekiah Walker most famous?

Past Hezekiah Walker is a Grammy winning gospel music artist with the Love Fellowship Choir. He has been performing music since 1985 and is still going strong today.