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What is pink revolution in Indian agriculture?

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Pink revolution refers to
-onion production
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What is an agricultural revolution?

Agricultural revolution is when people began to domesticate plants and animals resulting in a reliable food supply. Many inventions were created during this time period, helpi

What was agriculture revolution?

  The Agriculture Revolution was when the old open field system, where fields were divided into strips and farmers grew their produce on these strips, was changed to the E

What is agricultural revolution?

Agricultural revolution is the transferring of old agricultural ways into new ones by means of technology advances as well as labor reforms.

What is Agriculture revolution?

  The agriculture revolution means the "change of agricultre" . the landlords experiment many methods to try to have a new wasy that can made the crop grow faster, no wast

What is a agricultural revolution?

A period of change, either in changing from hunting and gathering (Neolithic revolution), or a change in agricultural practices resulting in improved methods of growing crops.

How did agricultural revolution effect the native American Indians?

Production went down around 90% using European farming systems. Native American systems used a Milpa type of planting system which produced around 30 million calories per acre