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What is pink revolution in Indian agriculture?

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Pink revolution refers to
-onion production
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What effects had the agricultural revolution in England?

The British agricultural revolution was the result of the complex interaction of social, economic and farming technology changes. Major developments and innovations include:No (MORE)

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What do you mean by the term agricultural revolution?

Agriculture means farming   Revolution means a change.   It basically means changes in farming. Lots of new farming methods  were introduced. At first people owned a (MORE)

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What is Marling agricultural revolution?

Charles 'Turnip' Townshend He popularized new techniques and proved that they were more profitable. He: • Introduced the Norfolk Four-Course crop rotation (wheat, turnip (MORE)

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Why was the agricultural revolution so important?

Because people discovered how to grow crops and tame wild animals  to use as food or to help them with work. People didnt have to  spend all their time following herds movin (MORE)

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What are three characteristics of the agricultural revolution?

There are many characteristics of the agricultural revolution, but  three are listed below:     New tools made it possible for more crops to be grown.   Larger c (MORE)

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How did agricultural revolution lead to the Industrial Revolution?

It lead to the industrial revolution becasue when enclosure (when small strips of land were made into large pieces of land) took place and when there was new technology in the (MORE)