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What is pink revolution in Indian agriculture?

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Pink revolution refers to
-onion production
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What do you mean by the term agricultural revolution?

Agriculture means farming   Revolution means a change.   It basically means changes in farming. Lots of new farming methods  were introduced. At first people owned a

What is an agricultural revolution?

Agricultural revolution is when people began to domesticate plants and animals resulting in a reliable food supply. Many inventions were created during this time period, helpi

How did agricultural revolution lead to the Industrial Revolution?

It lead to the industrial revolution becasue when enclosure (when small strips of land were made into large pieces of land) took place and when there was new technology in the

What is agricultural revolution?

Agricultural revolution is the transferring of old agricultural ways into new ones by means of technology advances as well as labor reforms.

What is Agriculture revolution?

  The agriculture revolution means the "change of agricultre" . the landlords experiment many methods to try to have a new wasy that can made the crop grow faster, no wast

How did the Agricultural Revolution affect the Industrial Revolution?

The agricultural revolution was what took us of of the hunter gatherer path and started society. If it had not happened, there wouldn't be any scientists, because everyone wou