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Its usually used as an expression for a group or team to sit down to discuss an issue, share opinions, strategies, tactics, creation, maintenance, outcomes assessment, or just to brainstorm (throwing forth any ideas , no matter what they may be). At these meetings, individuals should be open, honest, and direct with others around the table; always showing mutual respect for the opinions of others. This happens quite often at the college I work for, and usually comes up when there are multiple perspectives on one issue. Thus the statement, "Well we will need to have a round-table discussion. Do notice one thing that many individuals miss in this, and it is quite simple once you see it. OK note, ROUND-table. In other words, the table has no beginning and no end. There is no head of the table (so to speak). In other words, every one's input should be considered equal. Everybody has a say.


A round table discussion is an excellent form of small group communication
when the group is going to be a long term engagement. Roundtable discussions
are extremely useful when it comes to learning, whether the learning be social or
academic. Most of these types of groups are focused on one subject like self
help, educational endeavors, or hobbies. Since round table discussions are usually
a long term type of small group discussion, cooperation is vital to the groups
success. Also, group participation is a key concept as well, especially in self help
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