What is sales tax on auto labor in Illinois?

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Labor is not taxable.
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Is their Ontario sales tax on labor?

Answer . Yes. If you are self employed you need to collect GST/PST on your services. If you are full time employed there are UI, CPP and other taxes paid. In all cases inco

Do you pay tax on labor in Illinois?

There is currently no state tax on labor in Illinois. But beware legislation being introduced to help make up for the deficit spending currently occurring. The failed gross re

What is the auto sales tax rate in Will County Illinois?

If you purchase from a Will County dealer, the rate, as of May 2009, is 7%, unless the vehicle will be titled and registered to a Chicago address, in which case another 1.25%

Is there sales tax on labor in NC?

Yes and no. According to the NC Department of Revenue Sales and Use Tax Technical Bulletin 41 dated 07/01/2007, "Sales to users or consumers of tangible personal property,

Should you charge sales tax on auto repair labor?

Depends on the state you live in, if you have your own business check with your state, for example my state has "Ohio Department of Taxation." They will be able to give you a