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The Scientific Revolution refers to that period in history (basically the 17th century) when men and women began to ascertain truths about life, the world, and the heavens, without resorting to Christian dogma for the answers. The beginning of the scientific revolution may be laid solidly in the lap of Sir Isaac Newton and his three laws of motion. What ever the truth about Newton and the apple, his "laws" made possible an explaination of how the heavens worked without having to conclude "It's God's will." As Newton, Gallieo, Bacon, and others devised ways to experiment and interpret what they saw around them, the scientific revolution grew far beyond what the Church was willing to accept.
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The scientific revolution led to invention of many new technologies and development of many new ideas that were used to further improve today's technologies and make life easi

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The scientific revolution was filled with scientist who wanted to  know how exactly this world was. They wanted to know if god was  real or not. In the Renaissance of course

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In the history of science, the scientific revolution was a period when new ideas in physics, astronomy, biology, human anatomy, chemistry, and other sciences led to a rejectio

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If you define "Enlightenment" not so much as an age in  history, but a specific idea - that knowledge should be extended to  as many as possible - then Enlightenment is prio

What was the scientific revolution?

the scientific revolution was when people starting more questions about how things worked. this would be like Copernicus with the heliocentric theory instead of the geocentric
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What did the scientific revolution do?

During the scientific revolution, seventeenth-century natural philosophers had produced new answers to rudimentary questions about our world. Age-old questions about astronom