What is spatial perspective?

where something is and why it is there
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What are spatial derivatives?

  A spacial derivativeis a measure of how a quantity is changing in space. This is in contrast to a temporal derivative which would be a measure of how a quantity is chang (MORE)
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What is spatial connectivity?

Spatial Connectivity is the the measurement of how rural areas are able to interact with suburban areas.

Writing Skills: Tips for Perfecting Spatial Order

Writing is a difficult subject to master, especially when writing in order to illustrate a certain picture or scene in the mind of the reader. Writers often hear that good wri (MORE)

Making Sense of Spatial Interaction

When looking at social and economic relationships between two areas, spatial interaction starts to come into play. Spatial interaction can be very wide in scope (such as two c (MORE)
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Insights into Psychological Perspectives

Psychological perspectives are defined as a method of classifying a collection of ideas. This term can also be called a "school of thought" and "psychological approaches". The (MORE)
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What Are the Main Psychological Perspectives?

Psychology courses often feature perspectives, such as development psychology, cognitive psychology, or biological psychology. These perspectives have provided significant amo (MORE)
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Different Major Perspectives in Psychology

The study of psychology has been popular since before Sigmund Freud's theories of psychosexual development. Several major perspectives on the study of psychology have emerged (MORE)
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What is spatial force?

spatial force is taking somebody's spot and forcing them out. It is considered illegal and frowned upon by society.
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What is spatial diffusion?

spatial diffusion is the way in which people, things,and technology are distributed over the space in the earth's surfaces. examples people can migrates from his/her home orig (MORE)

What is spatial differentiation?

  Spatial differentiation is an economic term where geographic location is a differentiating factor between competitors. Consumers choose a firm based on transportation co (MORE)

What are spatial skills?

the ability visualize concepts and things in your mind without having to touch or see them in reality. Einstein used his spatial skills to imagine what it would be like to tra (MORE)

What is spatial assimilation?

The theory of spatial assimilation explains that minority groups  will eventually move into neighborhoods that are less segregated.  When living in a neighborhood that is wo (MORE)