What is surface development in technical drawing?

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Surface development is the the process of revealing the true shape of a flat surface that has been curved or bent. For example a round cylindrical shape can be rolled out flat, to reveal a square.
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What is technical drawing?

Best Answer: A technical drawing is one that is done by either using drafting tools or a computer. Its purpose is to illustrate in design for the layout of what is to be man

How to do technical drawings?

Technical drawings must be done with accuracy and must be easy to be understood. This can be done through manual sketching, through an instrument or even with the use of compu

What is mean dimension on a technical drawing?

Used in the fabrication industry as the center diameter of the thickness of the material that has to be rolled in to a tube or as we call it "a Can" and to calculate the true

What is the surface development in term of drawing and define what is the true length in the surface development?

th surface development is the flat, 2D shape that has to be cut in order to make a 3D form when folded and assembled together.. true length is the actual or real lenght of an
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What is a fold line in technical drawing?

A technical drawing will show all the surfaces that are to be modified, say for example by machining. The various views, like top, side and front are put on the page in a loca