What is surface development in technical drawing?

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Surface development is the the process of revealing the true shape of a flat surface that has been curved or bent. For example a round cylindrical shape can be rolled out flat, to reveal a square.
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What is technical drawing?

Best Answer: A technical drawing is one that is done by either using drafting tools or a computer. Its purpose is to illustrate in design for the layout of what is to be manufactured. This layout will have dimensions either in AS (American Standard) or metric increments, drawn to a particular scal (MORE)

Whats the difference between technical drawing and tehnical drawing applications?

The difference between technical drawing application & technical drawing is that in TDA, the concept of constructing figures is how you apply your TDA skills to different types of concepts.On the other hand TD is something which is very straigth forward.Its like you have to use the same method of co (MORE)

Importance of technical drawing?

Technical drawings are important because they help with research ofa project. These drawings point possible problems before models areconstructed.

How to do technical drawings?

Technical drawings must be done with accuracy and must be easy to be understood. This can be done through manual sketching, through an instrument or even with the use of computer-aided drawing systems.

What is mean dimension on a technical drawing?

Used in the fabrication industry as the center diameter of the thickness of the material that has to be rolled in to a tube or as we call it "a Can" and to calculate the true length in the flat. ex: Using .25 thk. plate rolled to a 48" I.Dia. take 48.25" x TT (3.1415) = 151.5818" long or the true le (MORE)

What is the surface development in term of drawing and define what is the true length in the surface development?

th surface development is the flat, 2D shape that has to be cut in order to make a 3D form when folded and assembled together.. true length is the actual or real lenght of any edges ordistane across a face . it is imperative to know or determine the true length in order to obtain an accurate form a (MORE)

What is A technical drawing pencil?

If they are using the term 'technical drawing pencil,' I would take that to mean a mechanical pencil. It simply has a fine (ie small) graphite.

How have technical and economic development led to more consumption of resources?

Technical and economic development have led to more consumption of resources on account of various factors. In colonial times, imperial powers would use their technological and economic superiority to establish control over other countries and thereby gain access to the latter's resources. Now, one (MORE)

Importance of technical education to national development?

Technical education is important because technicians are needed to keep everything running. In fact, there isn't any phase of education that isn't important. Like the grade school saying goes: the more we know, the better we grow.

UNC is the abbreviation for what in technical drawing?

As I remember, from the my drafting years back in the 70's it it is an abbreviation for particular type of screw thread. I recall that the c stands for Coarse. I checked Wikipedia. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unified_Thread_Standard

Do you need any technical drawing skills to become an architect?

No, you can just rock up and get paid cash money to be an architect. Everyone knows they just scribble some crud on a piece of paper and let the builders do all the work. I would suggest taking up the smoking of crack cocaine and possibly impregnating as many women as possible while you are at hi (MORE)

How Surface mount technology works technically?

SMT is similar to the previous "through-hole" circuit board technology in terms of components, functions and devices you can manufacture. With through-hole boards, each component had a number of leads or pins (anywhere from 2 to 64-plus) that had to be accurately aligned and pushed through holes in (MORE)

What is a drawing of the earth on a flat surface called?

A flat drawing of a place is.... for example, someone tells you to draw a flat drawing of a house, so you basically just draw your house at a front view, like you are looking straight at it. don't make your drawing 3-d. A flat drawing is also referred to as an 'elevation' and will include the view (MORE)

Which Microsoft program is used to create technical drawings?

I am not sure what the question meant when it said "Technical". Anyways, there is a Microsoft program that I know used to create drawings. It's called Paint . I have drawn lots of pictures with it and overall, I think it's pretty good. There are lots of tools there which you can use. You can a (MORE)

What is a fold line in technical drawing?

A technical drawing will show all the surfaces that are to be modified, say for example by machining. The various views, like top, side and front are put on the page in a location such that if the page was folded the views would be in the correct location as if looking at the part through the walls (MORE)

What is the technical development of chhattisgarh?

We all know Chhattisgarh is famous for its power and industrialsector, as it has various mega companies like bsp, cseb, ntpc, etc.Apart from these IT sector development in Chhattisgarh is alsostarted. Chhattisgarh Infrastructure development can been seen in NayaRaipur or in PWD sites. In tourism sec (MORE)

Who use technical drawing?

Engineers, Architects, Interior and Product Designers, Builders - Anyone who has something to do with a creation of a complex and new object or product.

What are rubber used for in technical drawing?

The rubber that is used for in technical drawings is a ribber that is on the computer if you go on to this thing paint you will see a rubber sign that is probably what they use or there is a reverse button on the screen or maybe even just a backspace key!!

How does technical drawing differ from a freehand sketch?

Anything that you didn't trace or use tools like rulers, french curves to achieve is technically considered "freehand." Technical drawing employs tools like T-squares and architect scales in order to produce detailed and technically accurate drawings of things like machine parts or plumbing schem (MORE)

What mean by surface finish in engineering drawing?

the smoothness of the surface basically. i.e. 1000 grit sandpaper would have 1000 particles of grit per cm or inch. 200 grit would be much rougher as the particals are bigger, as there are only 200 per unit of measurment. hope this helps

How does a welder utilize technical drawings?

A welder utilizes technical drawings to determine what type of joint he must weld , joint preparation, where on the joint the weld must be placed, the size of the weld, and so on . Certain structures require this specific information , in order to be safe , sound , etc.

What is a developable surface?

A develop-able surface is any area which can be effectively used for constructing buildings or planting crops. This makes up much of the Earth's surface except for extreme areas and those with harsh weather conditions.

What is the difference between technical drawing and freehand?

A technical drawing is drawn precisely to a scale. Measurements taken from the drawing can be scaled up to produce or build a full size structure or machine, etc. A freehand drawing could be a simple sketch, detailed drawing, rough doodle, of a subject and is classed as a picture.

Why is technical drawing an important subject?

If you can't read a technical drawing, then you won't be able tomake something someone else has designed. If you can't draw a technical drawing you can't get anyone else tomake something that you've designed.