What is the Average alcohol content in a light beer?

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the popular light beers are about 4.2%
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Does light beer contain fewer calories but more alcohol content then regular beer?

In Australia light beer means less alcohol, that is done by adding less sugar or malt, resulting in a beer also lighter in calories. Not sure about other countries.. In Am

What has more alcohol content red wine or light beer?

Red wine usually has an ABV of around 12-13%. Meanwhile light beer usually averages around 4.2% Therefore, red wine has more alcohol. Standard servings of regular beer an

What is the alcohol content of domestic beers?

You have to be more specific. What kind of beer? And where? Some states are run by Fascist pig-dogs and limit alcohol content by Imperial decree. Some breweries, like Bud, add

What is the alcohol content of beer in Wisconsin?

13.9 and not only that it is legal to drink underage so long as there is a parent present and you have their consent. This is so the parents can make sure their kids don't dri

What is the alcohol content of Coors beer?

The alcohol content of Coors beer varies on the type of Coors stylebeer you are drinking. For example, Coors original and Coors extragold are 5.0% in alcohol content while Coo