What is the Birthrate in Bolivia?

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the fertility rate (which is average amount of children per woman) is 3.2
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What is France's birthrate?

1.98, or about .1 below the population replacement level. It's the highest birthrate in Europe. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demographics_of_France

What is the birthrate for Latvia?

In 2007 there were 23,273 registered births but, with 33,042 deaths, negative population growth even before taking into account migration and other factors.

Who is Bolivia?

Bolivia is a country, not a person. It was named after Simon Bolivar. well Bolivia is located in south America if you were wondering.

What is a birthrate?

A place's birth rate is the average number of babies born in that place each year.
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What is a country's birthrate?

A countries birthrate is the number of live births each year per one thousand people.