What is the Break down the motor for a 2.0 95 ford contour?

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Break downspeed until you reach the 5000 mile mark is 55 mph
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How do you change the water pump in a '95 Ford Contour do you have to remove the motor mount or timing belt?

If you haven't gotten the answer to this question by now, see this link... contour.org For the V6 of this model year, it's relatively easy. Best to ensure the engine cannot b

Timing procedure 95 ford contour?

I don't have a Contour, but if it has a distributor, then you use a timing light and simply twist the distributor cap to change the timing. If it has coil packs, then it's all

Would it hurt to reuse the headbolts on a 95 2.0 Ford Contour?

Yes & No . \nYou may be able to reuse them with not adverse effects if you make sure the threads are clean and not deformed. However many engines today use "torque-to-yield

The timing belt broke how do you set the timing on a 95 ford contour 2.0 zetec?

Piston #1 (passenger side) to Top Dead Center (TDC). You have to remove the valve cover. On the end of the cam shafts (driver side) there is a groove (line) cut into them. Thi

Is the 95 Ford Contour a 4 cylinder?

It could have either the 2.0 L - DOHC - 4 cylinder engine or the 2.5 L - DOHC - V6 engine Contours were available with either the 4-cylinder engine or the V6 throughout thei
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What oil is in a 95 Ford Contour?

Ford recommends 5W30 full synthetic for all of their modern engines. The 2.5L V6 engine takes between 5.5 and 6 quarts of oil, while the Zetec takes 4.5 quarts.
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Where is crankshaft sensor on 95 Ford Contour?

on the 2.0 L, standing in front of the car, you can see it under the exhaust manifold. Looking at it, it will be on the right side (rear) of engine located in middle.
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Where is the fuel pump in your 95 Ford Contour?

It's inside the fuel tank. You can get at it by removing the rear seat. You'll need to relieve the fuel pressure in the line to the engine before you disconnect it. Unless you