What is the Latin translation for 'amazing grace'?

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Literally translated, "amazing grace" can be rendered into Latin as "prodigiosa gratia". If you are looking for a translation of the popular Protestant hymn, "Amazing Grace" in Latin, this would be hard to come by as it was originally written and intended for English. Reproduction of the entire hymn in Latin is too arduous a task, though if anyone wishes to render it, please add on to this answer.
I think the translation would go like this:


" prodigiosus Venia , quam dulcis sound,That servo a miserabilis amo mihi. EGO quondam eram lost nam sum found,Was caecus , nam , EGO animadverto. T'was Venia ut doctus. meus pectus pectoris ut fear.And Venia , meus vereor precious did ut Venia videor. hora EGO primoris puto. Per plures periculosus , laboriosus quod insidiae. nos have iam come.T'was Venia ut brought nos tutus eatenus. quod Venia mos plumbum nos domus. Senior has pollicitus bonus volo. Suus vox meus spes secures.He mos meus contego quod prodigium exsisto. quoad vita tolero. Quin etiam , ut is viscus quod pectus pectoris vadum fail,and letalis vita vadum subsisto vadum usus intus veil,a vita of tripudium quod pacis. Ut we've been hic ten thousand annus. perspicuus rutilus ut sun.We've haud minor dies decurro God's laus. tunc ut we've primoris exorsus. " prodigiosus Venia , quam dulcis sanus , Ut servo a miserabilis amo mihi. EGO quondam eram lost nam sum found,Was caecus , nam , EGO animadverto.
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