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What is the Latin word for seed?

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Believe it or not, the latin word for seed is semen.
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How do you Latinize a word?

You look in good dictionary to see it's origins. If 'Lat' is not among them, you can't do it.

The word is in Latin?

The verb 'is' or the verb 'to be' is an irregular verb in latin, as it is in many languages. 'sum, esse, fui, futurus' is the word you are looking for. It is conjugated in t

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The Latin word or prefix for "after" (in time) is "post-," such as when used in the word postoperative, meaning after surgery. The Latin medical abbreviation used most often t

What is 'word' in Latin?

Verbum is the Latin equivalent of 'word'. It's a neuter gender noun. It's the root for the adjective 'verbosus', which means 'copious, diffuse, wordy'. An adjective of the sa

What is the Latin translation for the word in in Latin?

The Latin word for 'in' is just simply the same word: 'in'. This can also mean 'on'. Note that the preposition "in" in Latin can be paired with and object of the preposition