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What is the Macedonian word for grandmother written in English?

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Is the correct spelling of the English word 'grandmother' 'nona' or 'nonna' in Italian?

Nonna is the correct spelling when the English word  "grandmother" is translated from English to Italian. The  pronunciation of the feminine singular noun -- which serves as

What are the words 'grandfather' and 'grandmother' when translated from English to Arabic?

Grandpa : Jiddo or Giddo (pronounced jid-doh or gid-doh ) - depending on which dialect, use either soft "g" or hard "g." Egyptian Arabic (the most prominent) uses the s
In Easter

What is 'Happy Easter' when translated from English to Macedonian?

"Happy Easter!" in English is Среќен Велигден ( SrekenVeligden ) or Христос воскресе ( H

Is 'nona' or 'nonna' the correct Italian translation of the English word 'grandmother'?

Nonna is the textbook-correct Italian equivalent of theEnglish word "grandmother." Specifically, the two words are feminine nouns in their singularforms. The word nona fun