What is the Muslim holiday of id?

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Id (pronounced "eed") means "feast." There are two Islamic feasts: 1. Eid al-Fitr, the Feast of Breaking the Fast, at the end of Ramadan. 2. Eid al-Adha, the Feast of the Sacrifice, which takes place during the Hajj, and commemorates God's mercy to Prophets Abraham and Ishmael, as God relieved the former of the duty of sacrificing the latter, allowing him to sacrifice a sheep instead. God does not (and never has) required human sacrifice.
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Which day is Muslims holiday in the week?

For Muslims we should worship Allah(SWT) everyday. But on Friday it's special, we have Salat al Juma, that is Friday prayer. because there is a special prayer to pray called

Muslim holidays in December?

what do you mean by muslim holidays? if you mean Eid then no we have a very sad and sorrowfull holiday becasue our Holy Imam was martyred 1400 years ago so we have a remembera

What is the most important Muslim holiday?

Two equally important annual holidays and one weekly holiday. The two annual holidays are: . The first day after end of fasting of the month of Ramadan (the 9th month in

What holidays don't Muslims celebrate?

Muslims do not celebrate Valentines day, Easter, Christmas and many other european traditional holidays which have no concept in Islam. Many even don't follow birthdays like m
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When does the Muslim holiday of Ramadan occur?

The Muslim holiday of Ramadan occurs in the ninth month of the Muslim calendar and is observed by Muslims with a month of fasting. In 2013 the holiday will commence on Tuesday
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Why Muslims celebrate id?

Eid is the religious festival in the Islamic world. It is the daywhen the whole Muslim Ummah is meant to rejoice and be thankful tothe Creator. The three types of Eid that Mus
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How do Muslims celebrate Muslim holidays in Israel?

Muslims in Israel celebrate Muslim holidays with the same freedomthat Christians in Israel celebrate Christian holidays and Hindus celebrate Hinduholidays. Muslims attend comm