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What is the Muslim population in Egypt?

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the population of Muslims in Egypt stated between 91% - 94.5% out of a total population also varies from 80 - 85 million all are Sunni Muslim with few thousands of Shea's among them and few thousands of Sufis
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What is the population of Egypt?

According to the latest figure, in 2012, the population in Egypt is about 82.2 million people, most living in the Nile River areas comprising only about 4 percent of its total

What is the Muslims population?

The worldwide Muslim population in 2013 was 2.04 billion people. As  of 2014, the estimated worldwide Muslim population is 2.08 billion  people.

What is the population of the Muslims?

2000 - 1 billion Muslims 2001 - 1.3 billion Muslims 2002 - 1.7 billion Muslims 2003 - 2 billion Muslims 2004 - 2.4 billion Muslims 2005 - 2.9 billion Muslims 2006