What is the Saudi Arabian capital?

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Riyadh is the capital and most populous city of Saudi Arabia.
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What do Saudi Arabians eat?

The popular stuff is flat bread ( fatir ), a spice blend called hawayij , dip for dates ( Whatever that is ) called Haysa Al-tumreya , fava beans, wheat, rice, yogurt, and c

What are the customs of Saudi Arabian women?

Hi. actually they don't have custom like their men, but what you see is called "abayah" or "hijab" they wear it just outdoors/ nearby strange men, not in home or to a relative

Are Saudi Arabians racist?

Answer 1 Some are and some aren't. There are feuds between Saudi Arabia and other peoples due to historical or religious conflict. One example would be with Israel. Many cou

What is the Saudi Arabian email address?

nothing specified you can have either Hotmail/Yahoo/Gmail or (Corporation employees e-mails) EX. tvtc.gov.sa (technical and vocational training corporation employees specif

What is the Saudi Arabian for land of your fathers?

I don't speak the Saudi dialect, but in proper Arabic there aremultiple forms of "your" depending on the number and gender of thepeople to whom "your" refers. You (s.m.) -- A