What is the Stadium manager in football?

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What is the biggest football stadium?

The biggest football stadium is Rungrado May Day Stadium in Pyongyang, North Korea. It fits 150,000 people and is used for football and dance performances. The second largest (by capacity) is Salt Lake Stadium in Kolkata, India, which fits 120,000 people and is used for football and track. The (MORE)

What is the largest football stadium?

It is Michigan Stadium in Michigan for Major League Football (NFL or National Football League). For College Football it is still The world's largest college football stadium is nicknamed the Big House and if that doesn't give it away then the answer is Michigan Stadium. Michigan Stadium is located (MORE)

What is the largest college football stadium?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nThe "Big House" at Michigan. Seats 107,501. The extra "1" is for "Fritz" Crisler. The location of his seat remains a mystery. it'll continue to get bigger. About 109,000 at Ohio State. But it is a soft number as they renumber the bench seats now and then.

What is the loudest college football stadium?

Fan power So just how loud was the Inönü Stadium in Istanbul on Tuesday? The noise generated by Beşiktaş JK fans has been recorded at 132 decibels, the equivalent to a plane at take off, and Manchester United FC goalkeeper Ben Foster was certainly blown away by the experience. "It was (MORE)

Which football stadium is the biggest?

Answer Penn State has the biggest stadium. And Michigans stadium does not hold 111,000. . Michigan Stadium- football game attendance often exceeds 111,000

What was the first football stadium?

From Research, Im not 100% sure its the first, but the oldest is Bramall Lane, Sheffield, England. You my want to double check this but I'm quite sure its the first, as it opened in 1855 as a cricket ground.. The oldest football grounds in the world used to be the Drill Field located in Northwich, (MORE)

Largest football stadiums?

The largest football stadium in the world is in North Korea and itholds 150,000 people. The second largest is in India.

West Virginia football stadium?

Although West Virginia does not have an NFL football team, the state currently has four football stadiums: The University of Charleston Stadium in Charleston, the John C. Edwards Stadium in Huntington, Mountaineer Field in Morgantown, and Ram Stadium in Shepherdstown. Most of these are used (MORE)

What football stadium as a shed end?

Arsenal did have, at Highbury. It might not be smart enough for the Emirates stadium. I suspect there might be a few shed ends, but I don't know of abnother...

What are the loudest college football stadiums?

One loud stadium in American College football is Memorial Stadium -aka "Death Valley", in Clemson, South Carolina. Home to the ClemsonTigers, ESPN recorded what was then the highest ever sound of anycollege football game at 132 db (louder than a fighter jet) in2005. Large games at Death Valley easi (MORE)

What is the biggest football stadium in Australia?

The Melbourne Cricket Ground with a capacity of 100,018 people. The capacity was much greater before recent changes. The record football attendance at the MCG was at the infamous 1970 Grand Final between Carlton and Collingwood. The official attendance that day was 121,696. If you were referring (MORE)

A french football stadium is?

The french have accents but as I have an English keyboard I cant do it properly but the French call a football stadium "Le stade de foot". but with accents.

What are some famous football stadiums?

Famous football grounds include: . Wembley Stadium (home of the English national team) . Old Trafford (home of Manchester United F.C) . The Emirates (home of Arsenal F.C) . Stamford Bridge (home of Chelsea F.C) . Anfield (home of Liverpool F.C) . The Millennium Stadium (home of the Welsh nati (MORE)

Why does Hawaii have a football stadium in Honolulu?

The stadium is named "Aloha Stadium" even tho the state has no football team, the field is used for local sporting events for the islands local college's and High/Elementary Schools and is also sometimes used for NFL sporting events.

What is bigger football stadium?

Rungrado May Day Stadium Pyongyang, North Korea. It holds 150,000 fans. Even though it mainly hosts Auto racing it does hold football (soccer) matches. The biggest well known football stadium is the Estadio Azteca in Mexico City, Mexico it hold 105,000 fans

What is the football stadium called in Ireland?

There are many stadiums in Ireland. The Gaelic Football and Hurlingstadium is Croke Park. It is the largest stadium in Ireland. Themain soccer and rugby stadium is Lansdowne Road, also referred toas the Aviva Stadium. There are many stadiums in Ireland. The Gaelic Football and Hurlingstadium is Cro (MORE)

How many football stadiums are in Texas?

Wiki answers is a really good site for information provided the person giving the information has been correct in the statements being made. There is an interesting article about stadiums in Texas that states that there are 32 professional stadiums.