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The "Winnie Mandela necklace" unfortunately has nothing to do with jewelry, it is a cruel and gruesome way of executing people and was used during Apartheid by the ANC and others their own black brothers & sisters who were suspected of being friendly to whites.

ANC 'freedom-fighters' and 'liberators' would take black people and hack off their hands or tie them behind the person's back with barbed wire. Then a gasoline-filled tyre would be set alight around the victim's ("traitor's") neck and they would slowly and very painfully burn to death.

A series of information about necklacing and the torture camps it came from can be found in related links. The images and videos are very graphic.

Winnie Mandela famously screamed to thousands at a large open-air rally in 1985/86: "with our matches and necklaces, we'll liberate this country!", implying that those who do not take the ANC's side will be burnt alive. Such threats by Winnie Mandela could very well be considered terrorism against the very people she claimed to intend liberating.

Exiled members of the ANC were taught about necklacings and torture techniques at terror-training camps in places like Angola (eg. Camp Quatro) and Mozambique.

(Slogans such as "one rope, one sellout", "one bullet, one white baby" and "kill the boer (white/farmer)" are still heard in SA today. In fact, a case of genocide has been made against 12 or 13 SA leaders, including the President (Jacob Zuma) and the ANC Youth League President, Julius Malema. According to the Rome Convention, incitement to commit genocide is also a punishable offence and the ANC has launched several appeals against court decisions that "kill the boer" is "hate speech" and "incitement to commit genocide". The matter is being investigated by the ICC in The Hague. Shortly before the 2010 Soccer World Cup in South Africa, Winnie Mandela's staff was in the news for threatening a gun-store owner, and saying: "July 12 all whites will be killed.")

Since the invention of Winnie's necklaces, there have also been necklacings in Brazilian favelas (slums) from time to time.
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Why did Winnie Mandela leave Nelson Mandela?

Actually, he left her and declared his marriage at an end inApril 1992, because the problems in his private life threatened toderail his political credibility and ability to lead the ANC. . The bad publicity caused by her role in the violence in Soweto andthe case of kidnapping and assults of youth (MORE)

Why was Mandela imprisoned?

Mandela was known to be quite active against apartheid or racialdiscrimination. This cast him in bad light of the then authoritiesand later led to his imprisonment.

What did Mandela do?

Nelson Mandela stood up against apartheid in south africa. He was sent to prison for being involved with the National African Congress. He was released 26 years later. He is looked at as a hero now.

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Is Mandela black?

If you mean Nelson Mandela then Yes. And he's not ashamed to admit it either.

Who is Winnie?

she relies on coffee to stay alive she thinks Hugh jackman is cool too. and Hugh laurie

Is Mandela dead?

According to everyone here in SA he isn't dead but I think since his lung collapsed he must be on a breathing machine so he could be brain dead already. I think they are keeping it under wraps because it may cause chaos in the country.

Is Mandela a terrorist?

When you are convicted of terrorism you are a terrorist. Just because you claim to be fighting a war you feel is fair does not give you the right to kill inocent civilians as Mandela did. He is a terrorist just like Osama, Martin McGuiness and Mugabe and Pollpot. By rights he should have been hanged (MORE)

What is necklace?

necklace is an accesory that goes around your neck and usually has some sort of design or jewel on it

Why did Nelson Mandela do what he did?

Nelson Mandela dedicated himself to the struggle of the Africanpeople and the liberation of South Africa because he wanted ademocratic and free society where all people lived together inharmony with equal opportunities.

How did Nelson Mandela and Winnie Mandela meet?

Winnie was qualified as a social worker in 1953 and met Nelson while working at a hospital in the black township of Soweto in 1957. They married in June 1958, despite her father's objections that Nelson was too committed to politics and, at the age of 41, too old for her............... Winnie met Ne (MORE)

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How old is Winnie Mandela?

Winnie Madikizela-Mandela was 81 years old when she died on April2, 2018 (birthdate: September 26, 1936).

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Why Did Nelson Mandela divorce Winnie Mandela?

Mr. Mandela announced his separation from his wife in 1992, atthe time speaking of her with great tenderness and affection. Butwithin months, Mr. Mandela testified in court, a newspaper editorhad shown him a letter that Mr. Mandela said showed his wife wasbeing unfaithful. It was then, he said, that (MORE)

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Who was Nelson Mandela?

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela was the first SouthAfrican president to be elected in a fully representativedemocratic election in 1994. He was also the first non-Europeanpresident of South Africa. He was born 18 July 1918 in South Africa. Mandela was ananti-apartheid activist, and the leader of the ar (MORE)

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What are Nelson Mandelas' Mandelas interests?

While he was in jail for 27 years, he enjoyed reading and the guards allowed him to stay up late just to read. He was also obviously interested in politics as he owned his own law firm with Oliver Tambo, a fellow ANC colleague and a close friend in 1952 after he qualified as a lawyer. His political (MORE)

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it's about a women that was born poor but thinks that she was meant to be rich not poor!!!i read the story oky guys!!!

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Who is nelason Mandela?

Nelson Mandela was a great man, who was in prison for over 20 years then became president in Africa and helped promote peace and won a noble peace prize

Where did Nelson Mandela?

Nelson Mandela has always felt most at ease around children, and in some ways his greatest deprivation was that he spent 27 years without hearing a baby cry or holding a child's hand. Last month, when I visited Mandela in Johannesburg --- a frailer, foggier Mandela than the one I used to know --- hi (MORE)

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What did Nelson Mandela do?

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela was the first black South AfricanPresident and fought to stop racism. He was imprisoned in 1962, convicted of sabotage and conspiracy tooverthrow the government. He served 27 years in prison, released in1990 and went on to become president of South Africa. He died on (MORE)

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MMe Forestier. It is a counterfeit wearing copy. She smugly does not inform social-climbing Mme Loisel ( la-zell it was pronounced when I had this in English) that it is a wearing copy. she loses it at the ball- exactly how is not stated- a phone call could have saved about sixty grand and a nose-di (MORE)

Is Mandela Illuminati?

No, Nelson Mandela is not an Illuminati. The Illuminati was an organization (1776-1785) of enlightened intellectuals whose goal was the overthrow of an oppressive monarchy and the control of civil authorities by the Roman Catholic Church. They were very unsuccessful in their endeavor because that (MORE)

What movie and television projects has Winnie Mandela been in?

Winnie Mandela has: Played herself in "World in Action" in 1963. Played Herself - Former Wife (segment "Mandela") in "60 Minutes" in 1968. Played herself in "South Africa Belongs to Us" in 1980. Played herself in "Sun City: Artists United Against Apartheid" in 1986. Played herself in "Biography" in (MORE)

What has the author Winnie Mandela written?

Winnie Mandela has written: 'Part of My Soul' 'Part of my soul went with him' -- subject(s): Banned persons (South Africa), Biography, Blacks, Civil rights movements, Politics and government, Race relations, Relaciones raciales, Social conditions, Ligues des droits de l'homme, Biographies, Polit (MORE)

What is Winnie Mandelas full name?

The full name of Winnie Mandela, South African activist and ex-wifeof Nelson Mandela, is Nomzamo Winifred Zanyiwe Madikizela (bornname); she is now known as Winnie Madikizela-Mandela.