What is the abbreviation of de?

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The abbreviation of de is d' usually used in French, Italian or Spanish when the next word begins with a vowel.
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DE is the abbreviation for which country?

DE is the abbreviation for Germany, which in German is called"Deutschland". So the abbreviation "DE" comes from the first twoletters of the German name for their country.

What is IT an abbreviation for?

IT is an abbreviation for the words Information Technology. It can also be semi shortened to info tech , information tech or info technology. Information technology is usually

What is the abbreviation of am?

Anti Meridian - for times after midnight and before noon. . Amplitude Modulation - signal processing and radio transmission (AM radio).
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What is the abbreviation for DES?

1) Data Encryption Standard 2) Department of Education and Science 3) DirectShow Editing Services 4) Diethylstilbestrol