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What is the algorithm of generating unique random numbers like in mobile recharge coupons?

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luhn algo
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Are quick pick numbers unique?

From querycat.com: How can repeated Quick Pick numbers be random? Frequently Asked Questions There is no built-in memory in a random system. Once the numbers are picked

What is an algorithm?

An algorithm is a detailed set of instructions rules which will enable a program to perform a specific action. It is a bit like a mathematical equivalent of a recipe for cooki

What is sub-algorithm?

It is an algorithm used by another algorithm as part of the second algorithm's operation.    As an example, an algorithm for finding the median value in a list of numbe

How many numbers in US mobile?

There are 10 numbers. XXX-XXX-XXXX First is the area code, then the prefix, then the suffix.

Random or running numbers to win lottery?

Random lottery numbers, every time! I think it's great to mix it up, but I also like to see my numbers before I buy my ticket. I play the euro millions a bit more than the lot