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What is the algorithm of generating unique random numbers like in mobile recharge coupons?

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luhn algo
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How do you generate true random numbers?

  True random numbers need a number frame to give it space.   Try perl. type in $randomnumber1=int(rand(200))+1;   you can change the 200 to anything you like and it

How do you get Visual Basic to generate a random number?

Or you can do Rnd*232 Where 232 is a number of your choice higher or lower number. I have used this in a Timer and works well.    Valtros    --------------------

How do you generate random numbers in PHP?

Use the function "rand()" or "mt_rand()".   Both functions will generate a random number (as a return value, so be sure to make it point to a variable - see examples). Howe

Are random number generators truly random?

yes, because the number generated is from the computer's CPU database and is selected randomly therefore it must be a random number It depends on how the numbers are genera

How does a random number generator work?

Computer-based random number generators are usually not truly random. Many of these generators choose a result starting with the milliseconds clock on the machine the applicat

How do you generate random numbers in Excel?

You can use the RAND function or the RANDBETWEEN function.

What is a random number and how are generated?

Random numbers that are generated by a computer are pseudo-random (not really random), but they will pass enough statistical tests for randomness to be useful in simulation ra