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What is the algorithm of generating unique random numbers like in mobile recharge coupons?

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luhn algo
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How do you make a random number generator?

Using c++    #include   #include   #include    using namespace std;    int main()   {   srand(time(0))   cout

What's one of the random number generators of a pair of dice?

If you just want to roll a die and not learn how to do it, you can  type "roll a die" into Google, and it will have a six-sided die for  you to roll right on that page. Othe

Write a c program to generate 100 random numbers?

include<stdio.h> #include<stdlib.h> int main(void) { int i; int j[100]; for(i=0;i<100;i++) { j[i]=rand()%100; printf("%d",j[i]); } }

How do you generate random questions in PHP?

  Depends where is the data. If you use a DB server, you can simply use the DB server's function (such as RAND()). A simple MySQL query would be: SELECT id, question

What are some virgin mobile coupon codes?

If you enter yJHeopwD as a kickback code when you activate your phone online (not when you order the phone), you will receive 60 free minutes when you complete your first top

What is the algorithm for determining if a number is a palindrome?

LET number be any positive integer. SET temp to number. SET reverse to zero. WHILE temp is not zero... { SET digit to temp % 10 (mask LSD using modulo operator) SET temp to in