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What is the amount required to do moksha narayana Bali pooja in gokarna?

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According to one of the priests (we spoke to him over phone), it would cost Rs.12,000/-
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Who is the parent of Vallathol narayana menon?

Vallathol Narayana Menon was born on 16th Oct, 1878 at one of the four units of Vallathol Tharavadu (base home) Kondayoor Bhavan, Chennara. His parents were Mallissery Damodh

What is a Poojas?

A Puja or Pooja is a Hindu term meaning 'worship'. A Hindu puja is a form of worship usually involving idolic representations of divinity through which the devotee offers his

What is amount of air required for combustion process?

    Good question......   Let take one chemical equation for an example.   C+O2 ---- CO2   In this Carbon has atomic mass of 12   Ox-have 16   So subs

What does Pooja mean?

Pooja means to pray in the Hindu religion

What is moksha in Buddhism?

Moksha, more commonly referred to as Nirvana in Buddhism, is a liberation from Samsara (a cycle of rebirth and suffering). Nirvana is the end goal of the Buddhist path, as it

About Narayana Pillay?

  Apart from his success in business, Pillai is best remembered for his social contributions. He was keen to build a temple on the island to serve the growing Hindu popula

Why are enzymes only required in small amounts?

Enzymes are only required in small amounts because enzymes are  catalysts and are re-used so we don't need many of them.    The body can create its own digestive enzym

Paths of moksha?

the four paths to moksha are bhakti, karma, jnana and raja

What amount of rainfall is required by millets to grow?

20-100 cm of rainfall is required for its growth.
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An organic molecule required in small amounts?

which of the following is an organic molecule needed by the body in small amounts? a. protein b. vitamin c c. zinc d. monosaccharide e. none of these Option a. protei

Why are micronutrients required in small amounts?

  Vitamins are organic compounds (other than carbohydrates, lipids, and proteins) required in small amounts for normal metabolic process, but which body cells cannot synth

What can you do in Bali?

Things to do in Bali:   Daily tour to the most popular places in BaliAdventure tour like water sport,Paragliding,Rafting,Scuba diving and snorkeling cruiseTraditional event