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What is the amount required to do moksha narayana Bali pooja in gokarna?

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According to one of the priests (we spoke to him over phone), it would cost Rs.12,000/-
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Where is Bali?

Bali is an island in Indonesia north of Australia, south of Borneo and east of Java. It is located in Indonesia, in the eastern and southern hemispheres. It's positioned in So

What is moksha?

To understand Moksha we must first understand Reincarnation. THE CONVENTIONAL CONCEPT OF REINCARNATION: Reincarnation means entry of our soul into the body of an animal or a h

What is a Poojas?

A Puja or Pooja is a Hindu term meaning 'worship'. A Hindu puja is a form of worship usually involving idolic representations of divinity through which the devotee offers his

What is pooja?

  Pooja is the Indian word meaning 'to worship'.

What to do in Bali?

We went to Bali in october 2008 it was great fun just the weather and going down the beach and shopping, clothes are so cheap as is everything there ( my dad was buying large

What can you do in Bali?

Things to do in Bali:   Daily tour to the most popular places in BaliAdventure tour like water sport,Paragliding,Rafting,Scuba diving and snorkeling cruiseTraditional event

How do you get moksha?

To get moksha, one should be sincere in his works and then he attains moksha. Moksha does not mean the salvation of the body but the salvation of the mind.

How do you get to Bali?

Um, in case you don't know, Bali is an island in Indonesia. If you're in Jakarta, you could either take a plane there(1 and half hour) or drive there(3 days). If you're somewh

How can get to Bali?

Until today there are many potential tourists who have difficulties to get various information about holidays to Bali . The limited information media creates the impression as
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Who is narayana?

 Narayana created the Universe. With his mouth he created speech, with his mind, vedos, with his tongue, amrita, with his nose, the stars and the sky, with his pupils, the h

What are the specialites in Gokarna?

Gokarna is a pilgrim yet the coastal town of Karnataka And is knownfor its beautiful beaches and scenic surrounding of nature.Locatedon the banks of On the banks of Arabian Se