What is the area of Aruba?

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The area of Aruba is 74.5 square miles (193 square kilometers 21 miles [33 kIlometers]
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How big is Aruba?

Aruba is about 21 miles [33 kilometers] long . Its width ranges from about 2 miles [3.2 kilometers] to 8 miles [12.8 kilometers]. Its total area is 74.5 square mil

Is Aruba in Mexico?

No , Aruba isn't in Mexico. Mexico is a country that's to the south of the United States of America, and to the north of the Central American country of Guatemala. Aruba is an

What is there to do on Aruba?

Aruba is an island with a pleasant year round climate. So there's an abundance of activities, attractions, and pastimes. There are a multiplicity of shopping centers, specia

Does Aruba get hurricanes?

No , Aruba doesn't get hurricanes. It's on the southern fringes of the traditional Atlantic Caribbean hurricane belt. So islanders usually don't have to worry about hurricanes

Are there earthquakes in Aruba?

Aruba feels the after-shocks of earthquakes in the Caribbean area, especially in Venezuela. The earthquake in Haiti on January 12, 2010 and the earthquake in Venezuela on Janu

Who is the Queen of Aruba?

Aruba has a King and Queen. The King is His Majesty KingWillem-Alexander of the Netherlands, the queen of Aruba is HerMajesty Queen Máxima. The King is the official Head of

Does Aruba have cities?

Yes , Aruba has cities. The city of Oranjestad is the island's capital and largest city. Second in population and size is Sint Nicolaas , which also is called San Nichola

Are there flights to Aruba?

There are daily non-stop flights to Aruba from New York, Newark, Boston, Miami and other cities in Europe and South America. The island is served by many airlines and connecti

When will Santa be in Aruba?

Santa usually stops by on December 25, the same time when he is delivering presents on the US Eastern sea border :)
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Is Aruba a commonwealth?

No , Aruba is not a commonwealth. Specifically, Aruba is an island in the south Caribbean. But it is not one of the Caribbean's sovereign states. Instead, it is an autonomo
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Is Aruba a city?

No , Aruba is not a city. Specifically, Aruba is the name of an island in the south Caribbean. Its economy is based largely on tourism to its beautiful sandy beaches. Polit
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Are there rainforests in Aruba?

No , Aruba does not have rainforests. Specifically, Aruba is a desert island in the sense of having an arid climate and an equally arid landscape. It does not rain enough t
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Where is aruba-?

Aruba is a small island which is located in the Caribbean Sea.