What is the average capacity of a movie theater?

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"Average" is between 200-300 people. For example, some large cinemas will have 20 screens and a capacity of 6,000. Of that, some theaters will be bigger for the opening weekend blockbusters, some will be smaller theaters.
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What is the average or typical cost to make a movie for commercial theaters?

It depends on the cast, the director, the advertising, the sets, and the length. There really is no "typical" cost since there are so many types of movies. But big Hollywood m

What is the Average price of movie theater ticket in the US 2008?

whats the answer. Since 2008 is not yet finished an average price for the year is not yet available. According to the MPAA, the average price for a ticket in 2007 was $6.88.
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What is the average length of a new movie shown in theaters?

Most movies shown in theatres in USA are in the two hour range,from ninety minutes to two-plus hours, depending on what thedirector believes is the necessary amount of screen