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There are estimated to be 16,000 home inspectors in the United States, roughly one for every 19,000 people. The cost of an average home inspection tends to be $225-$300 depending on your location. The price for a 20 year old 2,000 foot home inspection in San Francisco will be much higher than one in Guntersville, AL. One trend that will usually hold true is the cost will usually run about .2% of the selling price of the home: $150K home - $300, $500K home - $1,000. The industry average in 2007 was 171 inspections per year - so to answer your question. The average income of a standard "legacy" traditional visual home inspector is $45,000.
I am confused.
$225 per inspection times 171 inspections = $38,475
$300 per inspection times 171 inspections = $51,300
the average of the above two totals is $44,887.50

 Therefore your comment "The average income of a standard "legacy" traditional visual home inspector is $45,000" fails to subtract any deductions for any expenses.  Ongoing real annual expenses like those listed below make a serious dent in the $45,000 gross income:  Brochures to print 10,000 @ .30 $3,000
Business cards 3,000 @ .07 $210
Web site hosting, site maintenance, Pay Per Click $1,500
Computer, software, replacements and upgrades $500
Licenses, Home Inspector, Radon, Termite, Association Dues $1,000
Continuing Education Classes $1,000
Equipment, tools $ 500
Accountant to prepare taxes and quarterly reports $1,000
Legal consultation two hours $500
Errors and omissions insurance $4,000
Health Insurance $8,000
General Liability Insurance $500
Cellular phone (annual) $1,200
One business phone line , one fax line assume $ 90 * 12 $1,080
Internet access $600
Utilities, heating, cooling and electric $ 50 * 12 $600
Office Equipment upgrades and replacements $1,000
Postage mail 600 marketing letters per month @ .85 $6,120
Auto .58 per mile 30 miles x 171 inspections $2,975.40
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Are home inspectors affected by this economy?

Home inspectors are also affected by this economy. With harsheconomic times, very few people are developing homes and this makesit hard for home inspectors to get any work.

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