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What is the average retirement age in Australia?

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Women = 63 Men = 65 Women = 63 Men = 65 Both = 64
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What is the average retiring age of a running back in professional football?

The answer is 29-31 yrs of age.Since the running back takes alot more abuse on their body than other positions,they tend to retire earlier than the average football player.i.e

What is the average retirement age of baseball players?

It has been said it is around the age of 32. But if you look at the way players are training and keeping in shape lately, the average age has increased a little bit. For examp

What is the average retirement age in the US?

The average retirement age in the United States is 61. In 1983  it was 57. The retirement age has ticked up largely because of the  recession.   Historically the retirem

Average age of retirement for pipe fitters?

fitting pipe is really a physically hard job.the older a person gets the less they can take as far as heat and temps and sweat go.a pipefitter will work until he can't any mor

What is the workplace compulsory retirement age Australia?

There is no statutory retirement age in Australia. The retirement incomes system (our superannuation system) permits a possible span of retirement starting between the ages of