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Average weight is anywhere between 900 and 1100 lbs. Their weight depends on how much you feed them and also what type of breed they are.
An average 15 hand horse is likely to weight 950 to 1000 lbs.
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What is the average height and weight of a Morgan horse?

The average height of a Morgan horse is 15 hands which is equal to  60 inches. The average weight of a Morgan horse is 1,000 pounds. At  one time, the main use for Morgan ho

What is the average weight of the horses used for bareback bronc riding?

The average will be somewhere between 800 lbs. to 1100 lbs. Broncs need to be sturdy with a fair amount bone in the legs. The next time you go to a rodeo or watch the broncs o

What is the Weight of a two horse trailer?

Steel runs about 3500 lbs and Aluminum is about 300 to 500 less. Mortiz makes a great one.. in my opinion. Featherlite for aluminum is the best (again only my opinion) Corn

What is the average weight of a horse jockey?

The maximum weight of a jockey, including full gear, saddle, and saddle cloth is 126 lbs. in a Triple Crown race. In some races it can not exceed 112 lbs.

Why do horses carry weights when racing?

Good question! In certain races (usually called Handicap) a horse's previous wins are taken into consideration. A horse that has many wins will carry extra weight in special p

What is the weight of a wild horses?

Depending on the horse breed and size I would asume and adult to weigh about the same as a domesticated horse. Between 800 and 1500 pounds is my logicated guess.

What is the average weight of a male and female horse?

depending on the breed and size typicaly for a regual sized horse about 1000lbs. but Draft horses can weigh much more

What is a weighted average?

A weighted average multiplies each data point by an arbitrary 'weight' and divides by the sum of the weights. Your everyday garden variety average, or arithmetic mean, is actu

What is the average weight for a female horse?

The average weight of a female horse depends largely on their size and body type. Generally, a mare and gelding or stallion of the same height and body mass will weigh about t