What is the average yield of wheat per acre?

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It depends greatly on location, type of wheat, and different farming practices.
In top wheat producing states Kansas, North Dakota, and Montana, non irrigated wheat yields are typically 30-50 bushels per acre with there being 60 lbs in a bushel. Irrigated
yields in certain areas are over 100 bushels per acre.

The highest non irrigated or dry land wheat yields in the nation are in the palouse
region of Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho. Winter wheat yields in Whitman county Washington averages 83 bushels an acre and Latah county Idaho averages 82 bushels an acre. Yields of up to 150 bushels an acre have occurred there.

The USA came 45th in yield for the 2010/2011 crop, with an average of 46.4 bu.
The Netherlands came first, at 132.5 bushels per acre (almost 3 times the USA yield.)
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How many bushels of wheat per acre?

Projected yields for wheat per acre is usually about 56 bushels.However, some very productive fields can produce as much as twicethat amount.

What is the average yield of barley per acre?

There's too many variables here to be able to answer this question. However, just for example, the US average yield from all states of all barley types for the period from 2006 through 2011 is 66.7 bushels per acre, according to the USDA.

What is the average yield of canola per acre?

Year . Ontario . Manitoba . Saskatchewan . Alberta . British Columbia . Total Canada . 1986 . 34.8 . 25.5 . 25.2 . 25.0. 19.1. 25.2. 1987 . 32.5. 25.8. 25.3. 25.4. 22.0. 25.4. 1988 . 21.8. 17.5. 17.7. 24.2. 23.9. 20.2. 1989 . 27.4. 15.5. 18.2. 23.0. 20.1. 19.6. (MORE)

What is the average cost per acre in Costa Rica?

Not an easy question to answer. In 2010/2011 I looked at properties where land is $200,000US per acre (Carrillo, Guanacaste) and other places where land is $2,100US per acre (North-central Costa Rica where it boarders with Nicaragua). Within the Central Valley you will be looking at $10,000US+ per a (MORE)

What is the average price per acre for Iowa farm ground?

$3000 per acre. That's a very general answer. There will be wide variation depending on county, tillable acres versus rougher wooded ground, access to paved roads and any structures, production history, lakes or streams on the property. Go to a realty site like http:/www.landsofiowa.com/iowa click (MORE)

What is the yield of rice per acre?

World average - about 4 tonnes per hectare, world record - about 10.. Yield is complicated by the fact that 2 crops per year is common, and 3 are possible under ideal weather and field conditions.. Crop scientists estimate a realistic maximum for the "perfect" hybrid variety at over 20 tonnes per (MORE)

What is the yield of potatoes per acre?

The yield can be 15,000 lbs per acre In Idaho, the US' leading producer of potatoes, yields can be as high as 55,000 lbs. per acre, though the state average runs closer to 40,000.

How many pounds of wheat seed per acre?

In 1991 the average wheat seeding rate in the US was 86 pounds per acre. Recommendtions are as high as 130 pounds per acre (providing there is enopugh nitrogen available from fertilizer...)

How much corn plants in one acre and what is the yield per acre?

IF the farmer: . uses good seed genetics for his area, and . has the soil at an optimal fertility level, and . uses good pest control techniques, and . has optimal water supplies, either through irrigation or natural precipitation, and . plants the seed at optimal populations of 27,000 to 30, (MORE)

What is the average yield of alfalfa per acre in Kansas on dry land?

The yield will vary considerably across the state, from the very dry west to the reasonably moist eastern side of the state, and will vary from year to year as well. However, the statewide average for all alfalfa hay (dry weight) ranges from a low of 3.4 tons per acre to a high of 4.6 tons per acre (MORE)

What is the average yield of meat per acre?

The average yeild of meat per acre varies greatly depending on howit is raised. Animals raised on factory farms, where they are givenlittle room to move about, produce much more meat per acre thananimals raised on farms where they are not crowded in together andare able to roam free in fields. Free (MORE)

What is the average yield per strawberry plant per season?

From the reading I've done, it seems to be somewhere between .5 and 1.5 pounds per plant. It depends on condition and plant type, such as June bearing, ever bearing, etc. The higher yields seem to be reported by commercial growers.

What is an average yield of potatoes per acre?

It ranges widely depending on the production area. The average in Manitoba is around 290cwt/acre or 13MT/acre In Idaho, the leading US producer, the average is around 390 cwt per acre. A cwt is a hundredweight (100 pounds US).

What is the average bushel of corn per acre?

It so depends on the part of the country you are in, rainfall, sunshine, chemicals used if any. A farmer on 100 acres can have good crop where the farmer in the next could have poor crops. Depending on the care of the soil between plantings. Crop rotation is not as important anymore when you have yo (MORE)

What is the average yield of purple hull peas per acres?

Crop yields range from 1000 to 2500 pounds per acre per year. The 1000 pound per acre yield is based on poor weather conditions and non irrigated fields. The high yield number represents perfect conditions with irrigation.

What is average yield of rice per hac in India?

India's crop yield per hectare is much lower than the global average, according to UN's Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO). Water shortage, lack of availability of high-yield varieties of seeds and lack of research and development has been quoted as the primary reason behind the low per-hectare (MORE)

What is the average wheat crop yield per acre in Afghanistan?

The average yield per acre of wheat in Afghanistan, is 1600 k to 1800 gs, in irrigated crops, this is my personal experience, This yield is given in Ghazni province. If any one you have better information about the average yield per acre of wheat then kindly share that with me, I will be thankful to (MORE)

How many bushels of wheat does one plant and harvest per acre?

That all depends on where you live. Rate of seeding per acre depends highly upon not only your location, but also the cultivar and type of wheat you're seeding. How much is harvested is even more variable, as that depends on the moisture conditions, when you seed, how clean the crop is, and when you (MORE)

What is the average number of maize plants per acre?

This can vary widely depending on where the maize is being grown and how (subsistence versus industrial agriculture). The kind of maize also plays a role. An extremely general answer for ordinary dent maize (field corn in the US) produced using industrial agriculture methods would be about 35,000 pl (MORE)