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What is the average yield of wheat per acre?

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It depends greatly on location, type of wheat, and different farming practices.
In top wheat producing states Kansas, North Dakota, and Montana, non irrigated wheat yields are typically 30-50 bushels per acre with there being 60 lbs in a bushel. Irrigated
yields in certain areas are over 100 bushels per acre.

The highest non irrigated or dry land wheat yields in the nation are in the palouse
region of Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho. Winter wheat yields in Whitman county Washington averages 83 bushels an acre and Latah county Idaho averages 82 bushels an acre. Yields of up to 150 bushels an acre have occurred there.

The USA came 45th in yield for the 2010/2011 crop, with an average of 46.4 bu.
The Netherlands came first, at 132.5 bushels per acre (almost 3 times the USA yield.)
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What is the average yield of wheat per acre in Utah?

In 2004 the average in UT was 44.4 bushels per acre. Dry farm wheat production in UT averaged 16 bushels per acre and irrigated production averaged 87 bushels per acre. Se

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What is the average wheat crop yield per acre in Afghanistan?

The average yield per acre of wheat in Afghanistan, is 1600 k to 1800 gs, in irrigated crops, this is my personal experience, This yield is given in Ghazni province. If any on

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  Well irrigated, rich fertile land with a conducive weather can yield up to 3 ton a acre, but that's the higher end. I suppose 1.4 ton is ballpark measure of the average.

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