What is the best prank to do to someone that is sleeping?

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most original either put both hands in cup of warm water or shaving cream in the hand then tickel their nose with a feather. dont forget to saran wrap them to their bed before you warm water their hands!
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What is the best prank?

When Someone is sleeping, spray whipped cream or shaving cream (or something of that texture) on to their hand. Then, blow on their face or get a feather and rub it on their c

How do you prank someone?

well, when they are sleeping, you can write on their face. you can put a mustache & a beard! that would be so fun & funny!!!!!!!!! you can also get them sit on their chair

How do you prank someone in their sleep?

easiest thing to do - put some shaving cream on their hand and tickle their nose. I have also seen something on an episode of House where House puts Wilson's hand in a bucket

Pranks for sleeping over GIRLS?

you can duct tape your friends fingers,toes,legs,arms,together-that is really funny when they wake up give someone a sleepover makeover put a doll under the arm of a sle

What is the Best prank on sleeping kid?

At the girl's sleepover at my school, they drew on all the popular girl's faces. This is probably the best prank you can pull on a sleeping kid. The funny thing about this pra

What are some sleep pranks?

hi there are quite a few good ones I have gained over the years . Put there hand in a glass of water this stimulates the need of going to the toilet and by the morning they

Pranks to pull while someone is sleeping?

put them in the shower naked, draw on them especially their face, antique them(take a hand full of flour and throw it in their face), put a low table on the bed above their he

What pranks can you pull on someone sleeping?

When the person is asleep, put whipped cream, toothpaste, or shaving cream in their hand. Then use a feather or string to tickle their face. They will slap their face. . If i

What are the best pranks that you can do?

Surprise! Put snickers and toilet paper in all d toilets and bathtubs/showers. Juice or Water? Fill a glass with water. Add food dye so it matches the color of whatever
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How do you prank people why sleep?

1. Draw on their face. 2. Do their hair funny. 3. Dip their hand in warm water. (They might wet their pants!) 4. Pour ICE COLD water on them.
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How do you pull a prank on people who are sleeping?

put a loaded mouse trap on you victims phone and call it (works best at midnight so their too sleepy to open their eyes) stand back and whatch as they jump and yell in pain mu
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What best pranks can you play on people when they sleep over?

knocked over.) . Cover the doorway in newspaper so that when the door is open all you can see is newspaper. . Stack the empty cans on the other side of the door. . When th
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What are the best sleeping pranks to play on teenage girls?

Cover the toilet seat in cling film so when they get up for a pee in the night they get a wet surprise. Cover toilet seat in honey or syrup for sticky legs. You could write me