What is the best preventive measure for mosquitos?

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eliminate source of stagniant water

How do you prevent mosquito bites?

Answer . Use Off! bug spray or some other sort of insect repellent before going outside and stay away from areas that may have small 'ditches' or crevices that rainwater may

How do you prevent mosquitoes from breeding?

Don't leave any standing water around your yard. Anything overturned that collects water (trash-can lid, coffee can, bucket or barrel, etc.) can serve as a breeding pool.

How do you prevent diseases carried by mosquitoes?

The best way to reduce mosquito populations is by eliminating their breeding grounds, which can be any pool of standing water larger than a few square centimeters where they c

How can you prevent mosquito?

Deny them a breeding area (water). Remove any standing water on your property - and don't forget clogged gutters - and it will cut down on the number of mosquitoes greatly.

How do you naturally prevent mosquitoes in gardens?

Do what you can to prevent standing water. If you have a bird bath, either change the water regularly or add a small fountain. Certain plants will also do a part in repelling