What is the biological species concept of Ernest Mayr?

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Mayr's definition of a species is based on the genetic isolation of populations.

A ... difficulty which confronts us in our attempt at a species definition is that
there is, in nature, a great diversity of different kinds of species. Even if we do
not consider such aberrant phenomena as the apomictic species in plants and
the strains of bacteria, there is, even among animals, a great variety of different
taxonomic situations which are generally classified as species. The question as to
whether the species of birds, of corals, or protozoa, and of intestinal worms are
the same kind of evolutionary phenomena is entirely justified. . . It may not be exaggeration if I say that there are probably as many species concepts as there are
thinking systematists and students of speciation. [(Mayr 1942: 114-115)]

A species consists of a group of population which replace each other
geographically or ecologically and of which the neighboring ones intergrade
or interbreed wherever they are in contact or which are potentially capable of
doing so (with one or more of the populations) in those cases where contact is
prevented by geographical or ecological barriers.

Or shorter: Species are groups of actually or potentially interbreeding
natural populations, which are reproductively isolated from other such groups.
[Systematics and the Origin of Species, 1942: 120]
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