What is the capital of Guyana?

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The capital of Guyana is Georgetown, estimated population 239,227 (2002 Guyana census), is the capital and largest city of Guyana, located in the Demerara-Mahaica region. It is situated on the Atlantic Ocean coast at the mouth of the Demerara River and it was nicknamed 'Garden City of the Caribbean.' Georgetown is located at 6°48′N 58°10′W / 6.8°N 58.167°W / 6.8; -58.167. The city serves primarily as a retail and administrative centre. It also serves as a financial services centre.
British Guiana gained independence from Britain in 1966. It is now called Guyana and the capital is Georgetown.
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What are the capital cities of Guyana and Suriname?

Paramaribo and Georgetown are the respective capital cities of Suriname and Guyana. Both capitals are also the largest cities in their respective countries. Georgetown is loc

What are the capital cities of Guyana and Suriname in Spanish?

" Georgetown " and " Paramaribo " are both the English and the Spanish terms for the capitals of Guyana and Suriname. Specifically, Georgetown is the capital of Guyana. Its