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What is the capital of la Argentina?

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The Capital is Buenos Aires
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What is Argentina?

it's a conrty

Capital de Argentina?

Buenos Aires

What is donde esta la capital is english?

"¿Dónde está la capital?" means "where is the capital?" as in "the capital city". If you said "¿Dónde está el capital?" it would mean "Where is the capital?" as in "mone

Cual es la capital de Argentina?

Buenos Aires es la capital de Argentina

What is the capital of la ciudad de Guatemala?

"La Ciudad de Guatemala" IS the capital of Guatemala. In English it is called "Guatemala City."

La capital de Puerto Rico?

La capital de Puerto Rico es la ciudad de San Juan. The capital of Puerto Rico is San Juan.

La Paz is the capital of what country?

It is the capital of Bolivia in South America

La republica dominicana capital?

The capital of Dominican Republic is Santo Domingo (officially Santo Domingo de Guzmán).

What is the state capital of Las Vegas?

Las Vegas is in Nevada, but it is not the capital. The capital  of Nevada is Carson City, near Lake Tahoe.   There are also other places, in the US and elsewhere, named L

How can you get to Argentina?

You can't drive to Argentina. The Darien Gap in Panama is  impassible. Beyond that is Columbia which is very unsafe to drive.  Kidnappings and robberies are the norm. You ca