What is the closest pulsar to earth?

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The closest known pulsar to Earth is "PSR J0108-1431". It lies in the direction of the constellation Cetus, at a distance of about 85 parsecs (or 280 light years).
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What is a pulsar?

A supernova leaves behind a tiny object termed a neutron star, which is far smaller than the Earth. It is the core of the star that exploded. The protons and electrons of its atoms have been squashed together by the force of the supernova, and they form the atomic particles known as neutrons. A n (MORE)

What is the closest the earth gets to the sun?

91,405,436 at perigee, which is the point that the earth is closest to the sun. Note: . The term would be perihelion for a body orbiting a sun. It is the same concept as perigee. The moon, orbiting around the earth, has an apogee and perigee.

What is the closest planet to the earth?

Every planet revolves around the sun, each one taking a different amount of time to complete one revolution. So the distance between Earth and any other planet changes over a wide range, depending on whether we're both on the same side of the sun or on opposite sides. At any given time, the planet (MORE)

What planet gets closest to the earth?

If they were all lined up in a line on the same side of the sun the distances form the sun would be: Mercury 0.387 A.U. Venus 0.723 A.U. Earth 1.000 A.U. Mars 1.524 A.U. Jupiter 5.203 A.U. Saturn 9.523 A.U. Uranus 19.208 A.U. Neptune 30.087 A.U. This shows that Venus would be 0.2 (MORE)

What is the closest star to Earth?

Technically speaking, the sun is the closest star to Earth. . The next closest known star to the Earth is Proxima Centauri , red dwarf star approximately 4.2 light years from Earth ... only about 278,000 times as far from us as the Sun is. See the related link below for further information ab (MORE)

When is mars closest to earth?

On August 27, 2003 Mars was only 55,758,006 kilometres away from the earth. The last time it was that close was September 12, 617 BC The next time it will be that close will be August 24, 2287

What is the planet closest to the earth?

The planet that can get closest to the Earth is Venus. When it is at its closest (inferior conjunction) it gets as close as 41 million km. The planets are orbiting the sun at different rates though, the closer they are to the sun, the faster they orbit. This movement relative to each other means tha (MORE)

What plant is closest to earth?

here is a picture of our solar system.Venus and Mars surround us, but Mars is closer.I got this pic from a website called revisionworld.com . The Solar System .

Which planet's temperature is closest to that of Earth?

None. All planets have very different temperatures at the surface. Mercury's Maximum Temperature 465°C (870°F) Mercury's Minimum Temperature -184°C (-300°F) Venus' Average Temperature 449°C (850°F) Earth's Average Temperature 7.2°C (45°F) Mars's Maximum Tempera (MORE)

Which star is closest to planet Earth?

The sun (also known as Sol), which is also a star, is the closest to Earth. Other than the sun, the closest star is called Proxima Centauri, and it is about four and a half light years away, or about 32 trillion miles away. That's the closest.

What is pulsars?

A Pulsar or Neutron Star is the remnants of a collapsed Super Giant, created during a Super Nova. The neutrons are so densely packed that they warp the gravity around the dying star so that any radiation (radio waves) emitted from it doesn't always shine at us. Due to this warping the star becomes m (MORE)

What layer of the atmosphere is closest to earth?

The Troposphere is nearest and extends from the surface of the earth to approximately 10 thousand metres above the surface. This explains why the air is described as being 'thin' when at the top of some of the highest mountains of the World. Hope this helps.

When is Ceres closest to earth?

Its orbital period is 4.60 years; since that is not an exactmultiple of the Earth year, the closest approach is not at the samedate every year. You can check astronomical sites for "oppositionof Ceres"; the closest approach is usually close to the opposition.For example, in 2016, Ceres was in opposi (MORE)

What is the closest dwarf planet to earth?

Ceres. It's the largest object in the asteroid belt, which lies between Mars and Jupiter, and the only asteroid massive enough to become approximately spherical in shape - one of the requirements to achieve dwarf planet status. The other 4 confirmed dwarf planets, including Pluto, are all much furth (MORE)

When are Mars and Earth the closest?

Much has been made of the fact that the August 27th encounter with Mars is the closest in some 60,000 years. Neanderthals were the last to observe Mars so favorably placed. This is true. It's also a bit of hype. Mars and Earth have been almost this close many times in recent history. Some examples: (MORE)

What effect do neutron stars and pulsars have on Earth?

Hardly any - they are very far away. However, a supernova (which would come before a neutron star) could have catastrophic effects on Earth, if it were to happen in our neighborhood (up to a few thousand light years!).

Are stars the closest to earth?

Those that are closest are the closest stars to earth. The champion closest star ... the closest of all of them ... is the sun. Coming in at a distant second place, the next closest star is 278 thousand times farther from earth than the sun is.

Is Jupiter the closest planet to Earth?

No. Generally speaking, Venus is the closest planet to Earth. The actual distance that Venus is from Earth varies, depending on where it is during its orbit around the sun relative to that of Earth. When Venus and Earth are on the same side of the sun, they are 38.2x10 6 km apart; when they are on (MORE)

What is the name of the galaxy closest to the Earth?

The Earth is inside the Milky Way Galaxy. The closest other known galaxies are the two "clouds of Magellan", which are small galaxies that orbit the Milky way. The closest other large galaxy, about the size of the Milky Way, is the Andromeda Galaxy. Andromeda is the nearest galaxy to Earth. Ans (MORE)

What is the closest star to Earth is?

The closest one is the sun. The next closest one is Proxima Centauri, 4.2 light years away. It's a small red dwarf star. It's about 15,000 times more distant than the sun is to earth.

What is the closest brown dwarf to earth?

Difficult to know for sure. Brown dwarf stars are small and dim, and it's possible that there is one relatively close by that we've never noticed. The nearest known brown dwarf star is Epsilon Indi Bb, one of two brown dwarf stars orbiting the star Epsilon Indi. It would not be detectable at all (MORE)

What planet with the closest orbit to earth?

That would probably be Venus, though there is room for debate there. Answer: Mars and Venus are our closest neighbouring planets. At its closest, Venus is 41,840,000 km away. The minimum distance to Mars is 56,000,000 km. Venus is more than 10 million kilometers closer than Mars.

What would happen if Earth was a pulsar?

Earth is a planet, not a star; it can never be a pulsar. For an excellent description of what life might be like on the surface of a pulsar, read the boon "Dragon's Egg" by Dr. Robert Forward.

What is a a Pulsars?

Pulsars are neutron stars that are formed when a large star burns up its fuel and collapses on itself. The process happens when fuel is exhausted so that the star cannot produce heat energy which causes it to expand. Gravity causes it to collapse and then when it is suddenly so compacted the heat be (MORE)

What city on earth is closest to the moon?

Thanks to its high altitude and the equatorial bulge of the planet, the city of Quito, Ecuador, is the closest city to the Moon. But it is only one-thousandth of a percent closer than Denver, Colorado or Mexico City.

What are the planets farthest to closest from earth?

Pluto, Neptune Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars, Venus, and then Earth Note : Note that this order varies depending on the time of year for each planet. For instance, on rare occasions Mercury may be closer to Earth than either Venus or Mars. Also note that Pluto is no longer classi (MORE)

Which star is the closest to the planet earth?

It is Proxima Centauri, a red dwarf star that can't be seen without a telescope. A little farther away is Alpha Centauri and that's one of the brightest stars in the sky as seen from Earth. (Incidentally, the Sun is also a star. So that's really the nearest star.)

What happens when venus and the earth are at there closest?

That happens when Venus passes the Earth on the inside, between theEarth and the Sun, which is inferior conjuction. It happens after6-8 weeks when Venus has been visible in the west around sunset,then there is a gap of two weeks, followed by 6-8 weeks when it canbe seen in the east around sunrise.

What is the closest Planet to Earth when it is in the opposition?

Mars is the closest when it is at opposition, i.e. opposite the Sun in the sky, due south at midnight (or north as seen from the southern hemisphere). Venus comes closer but when it is closest it is between us and the Sun, at inferior conjunction. At that time, we are at opposition as seen from Ve (MORE)

When is the earth closest the sun?

Earth passes through the point in its orbit that is closest to the sun, which is known as its perihelion, during the first half of January.