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Examples of collective nouns:
abandonment of orphans
absence of waiters
army of ants
army of frogs
ascension of larks
bag of tricks
bale of turtles
band of angels
band of coyotes
band of gorillas
band of muscians
band of pirates
bank of elevators
barrel of monkeys
barren of mules
bask of alligators
bed of oysters
bench of magistrates
bevy of beauties
bevy of quails
blessing of unicorns
block of flats
board of directors
body of pathologists
bouquet of flowers
brace of ducks
brace of pheasants
brood of hens
bunch of grapes
bushel of corn
bushel of crabs
caravan of camels
chain of mountains
charm of finches
charm of hummingbirds
chest of drawers
class of students
cloud of grasshoppers
cluster of stars
clutch of eggs
collection of stamps
colony of ants
colony of beavers
colony of penguins
company of actors
company of owls
congregation of crocodiles
congress of baboons
convocation of eagles
coven of witches
covey of quail
crew of sailors
den of thieves
fleet of cars
fleet of ships
flight of cormorants
flock of birds
flock of sheep
flock of tourists
gaggle of geese
gang of hoodlums
group of onlookers
herd of buffalo
host of sparrows
kindle of kittens
knot of toads
litter of puppies
mob of kangaroos
murder of crows
murmuration of starlings
nest of snakes
network of computers
pack of wolves
pack of cards
pack of cigarettes
pack of gum
pack of lies
pack of wolves
panel of experts
pod of porpoises
pod of whales
posse of lawmen
pride of peacocks
pride of lions
school of fish
sedge of cranes
shoal of minnows
stable of horses
string of ponies
swarm of bees
swarm of eels
swarm of flies
team of mules
team of oxen
team of players
troop of scouts
troop of soldiers
troupe of acrobats
troupe of minstrels
warren of rabbits

Note: There is not a collective noun for every letter from A to Z.
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