What is the cost of testosterone replacement therapy?

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Several testosterone delivery methods exist. Choosing a specific therapy depends on your preference of a particular delivery system, the side effects and the cost. Methods include:
  • Injection. APPROX COST: $100-$200 per month ~ Intramuscular testosterone injections are safe and effective. Injections are given approximately every two weeks. You may experience fluctuations in symptom relief between doses. You or a family member can learn to administer this method of TRT at home. If you're uncomfortable administering injections, a nurse or doctor can give the injection.

  • Patch. APPROX COST: $200-$500 per month.
    A patch containing testosterone (Androderm) is applied each night to your back, abdomen, upper arm or thigh. The site of the application is rotated to maintain seven-day intervals between applications to the same site to lessen skin reactions.

  • Gel. APPROX COST: $200-$500 per month.

    You rub testosterone gel (AndroGel, Testim) into your skin on your lower abdomen, upper arm or shoulder. As the gel dries, your body absorbs testosterone through your skin. Gel application of testosterone replacement therapy appears to cause fewer skin reactions than patches. Avoid showering or bathing for several hours after an application to ensure adequate absorption. A potential side effect of the gel is the possibility of transferring the medication to your partner. You can avoid this by avoiding skin-to-skin contact until the gel is completely dry or by covering the area after an application .
  • Gum and cheek (buccal cavity).
    APPROX COST: $200-$500 per month.

    Striant, a small putty-like substance, delivers testosterone through the natural depression above your top teeth where your gum meets your upper lip (buccal cavity). This product rapidly adheres to your gumline and, as exposed to saliva, softens into a gel-like form, allowing testosterone to be absorbed directly into your bloodstream. Side effects may include gum irritation or pain, bitter taste or headache. A recent study found this form of testosterone therapy may deliver a steadier dose of testosterone throughout the day.
  • Oral. APPROX COST: $100-$300 per month.
    Taking testosterone orally is not recommended for long-term replacement. Testosterone taken by this method may cause an unfavorable cholesterol profile and increase your risk of blood clots and heart and liver problems.

Okay, no offense to the above author, but those prices are very bank-breaking, especially when I've had TRT for years.

First, any decent Doctor would never charge more than $50 per injection unless there was other services rendered. Personally with regular lab work, I showed up with NO office visit 2 times monthly for my injections of $15 bucks. Another Doc was higher when I moved, but he only charged $30 bucks.

As for Gel Testosterone? Dirt freaking cheap, and that is what I switched too. And why? Tell your Doc that you're gonna take it to a compounding Pharmacy and have it made. Get this, I paid $30 to $40 dollars for 60 days worth. Hell, even if it cost $100 for 60 days, it beats the hell out of those 20 & 22 gauge needles and trips to the Doctors.

As for the sub lingual/buccal stuff? A compounding pharmacist can make that as well, but why use all of these others when you can rub-in a dimes worth or less on your body right out of the shower? It's clean too, no mess or greasiness.

Now "The Patch!" You can keep it! If you shower & bathe normally, it WILL come off at some point, plus it is annoying as hell.

Last but not least, "The Pill!" Here's the deal: Pills are not only way more inconsistent, but they are definitely much more dangerous to the liver, even with regular use of just a couple of years.

As for the info I just posted? No offense, but I know, I've been there and done that for 15 + years, not to mention the fact that I routinely study all available info and pick the brains of Doctors and Pharmacist. Please, just do as I've done and insist on what you feel is best for you, not your doctor or insurance companies wallets.
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