What is the crime rate in Copenhagen?

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What is Copenhagen?

Could be several things : * Capital of Denmark (and until 1814 also of Norway). Founded in the late viking age (not 1167 as most dictionaries state), and becoming capital (i

Where is Copenhagen?

Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark, a small country in Europe to the north of Germany. It is located on two Islands : Zealand (the bigger one) and Amager (the smaller one) T

What is crime rate?

The crime rate is the number of crimes reported to the police per 1,000 of population..

What is a crime rate?

the rate of a crime in a certain area based on rape, murder, assaults, etc.

What are the Crime rates?

UK Crime Statistics, Have a look Where your town ranks? The link below shows where towns in the UK rank for crime..intresting if you thinking of re- locating. i found it usef

What can you do in Copenhagen?

Copenhagen is known for the historical buildings and architecture. The oldest one is inside the city, the newest one is in Ørestad (take metro towards Vestamager). In Copen

What is crime rate in UK compared to crime rate in US?

Britain has a higher crime rate than the US. About 60 Britains could fit in the US, and the US has about 5 timesa higher population than Britain so of course the crimes would

What is there to do in Copenhagen?

Since you write 'do' rather then 'see' some suggestions could be: 1} Experimentarium (Science 'museum') 2} Tivoli (Posh amusement park in center) 3} Bakken (Amusement p

What is the crime rate in France compared to the crime rate in Australia?

Australia's most recent homicide rate is 1.45 murders for every 100,000 people. France's figure is 1.59 homicides per 100,000.. On overall crime statistics, France ranks no.

What is the Amish crime rate?

Most crimes are not reported, it imposable to even give a estimate, or even give a good guess! Because the Amish do not have as many legal and illegal vices, I believe from s
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What is the crime rate in Nepal compared to the crime rate in US?

Crime rate in Nepal is nothing in comparison to US. We can't sayNepal has no crime at all but still it's very less if we compare itwith the US. Most of the crime happens with
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Where can one find the top rated Copenhagen hotel?

Cophenhagen hotel rankings can be found through travel agencies, like Expedia or TripAdvisor and through customer review sites like Yelp. Consumer advocacy groups can also be