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What is the cubic measurement of one ton of anthracite coal?

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fifoenergy.com says 35.314 cubic feet per 1 ton of bituminous coal. My coal supplier tells me to figure about 36 cubic feet for my antrhacite pea coal wikianswers says about 40 cubic feet per ton of antrhacite.
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Is there anthracite coal in Colorado?

Yes. My client has a large Anthracite mine in Colorado.

What is the difference between bituminous coal and anthracite coal?

  Answer   The main difference is the amount of carbon. Anthracite is harder and contains more carbon. Bituminous coal is a sedimentary rock and anthracite coal is ac

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How many cubic meter in one ton of sand?

  It will depend on type of sand ie fine,medium,coarse   one cu mt per ton of sand will range between 1.4 ton to 2 ton