What is the currency of Gabon?

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Communaute Financiere Africaine franc. The currency is represented by the symbol CFA. The currency code of Gabon currency is XAF.
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What is the national currency of Gabon?

Hi, You can get the currency rates by going to the http://currate.com site. You will see the currency images on every currencies listed there. You'll like it.

Who discovered Gabon?

Portuguese explorers and traders arrived in the area in the late15th century

Where did gabon get its name from?

In 1472, the Portuguese explorers encountered the mouth of the Como River and named it "Rio de Gabao," river of Gabon, which later became the name of the country
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What biome is Gabon?

Gabon is a tropical rain forest. I, myself, amGabonese. The rain forest region of Africa is west central Africa,and and some of the countries above. Some countries in the rai

What are facts about Gabon?

Facts about Gabon: . More than 3 quarters of the territory is covered byforest. . The capital was founded by Catholic missionaries to houseliberated slaves. . Gabon is in