What is the cutoff of uiet chandigarh?

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University Institute of Engineering and Technology -Chandigarh is one of the top institution under Panjab University. The cut off marks are based on the ranks of the JEE Main exam. It varies from department to department. Last year for Open category CSE ,the starting rank was 8739 and ending was 21272.
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How do you rate uiet panjab university?

one of the best institute for mech&cse in India .opened in 2001 it has progressed well.infrastructure is in making and it giving compition to DCE now.

What is the rank of uiet of mdu in haryana?

It's one of the best college in haryana.it comes in top engineering colleges of haryana due to its improved infrastructure and good placement records.. i must say now uiet ho

Is uiet in top 100 engg colleges?

ya that's true..!!according to a report published in Hindustan Times, UIET of Panjab University is at 40th place in top 100 engineering colleges in India.

Rank of uiet chandigarh?

it's ALL INDIA RANK in BE courses is around 18th it is mor favoured due to its location in chandigarh but prefer only if you are getting (MECH,CS,ECEor EEE these are best in u

Rank of uiet kuk in haryana?

uiet kuk placement is greatly improves in previous three years . each year nearby 90 percent students got placements in highly reputated companies.Electronics Labs are highly

Is uiet ku better or uiet chd?

No UIET chd is much much better that UIET KU you can check such more detailed information at http://engg.entrancecorner.com

Which college is best Amongst ccet uiet chandigarh and juit solan and jiit noida?

see,the cut off will tell u everything.uiet chandigarh closes at 25000,ccet at 28000 for all india quota nd 40000 for chd.quota,juit solan at 92000,jiit noida at 67698 (sector
In Haryana

Is UIET KUK a government college?

No, UIET i.e. University Institute of Engineering andTechnology,Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra, Haryana, India. is not a Govt. College. It is managedby Organisation (Sans