What is the default password for an android wifi hotspot?

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If you go into your androids wifi settings you should find that there is already a default password there. If you don't know this password, you can go into the settings screen and set it to something that you can remember. However, you should automatically have open access for wifi to work.
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What is a wifi hotspot?

A point where you can connect to the Internet to access things. They have them at McDonald's and stuff I think.

Can i use wifi hotspot with my evo 4g?

yes you can, but it costs money, if you click it it wont charge but it also wont let you tether, i recently talked to a sprint rep. about this, it costs 30 dollars a month as

What do you do to get wifi on android?

First step you have to click on the menu bar then after you clickthat you press settings when you press settings go to wifi once youpress wifi you have to find your connection

Can you use an Android phone as a WiFi hotspot for ATT phones?

There are two ways to do this. The easy way: Add tethering to your account through AT&T's site and pay an additional fee on your monthly bill. The hard (but free) way:

How do you turn your Blackberry into a WiFi hotspot?

Most Blackberry's do not have the power to make a wifi-hotspot. Why because they are based on the 3G network therefore internet speed would be very slow. However If you devi