What is the definition of coffer in legal terms?

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It normally refers to the assets held by a corporation, government agency or municipality including but not limited to cash on hand.
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What is the legal definition of a spouse in Texas?

Answer . \nA person (male or female) who is legally married to another or is married according to the requirements under common law state statutes.\n. \nTexas does not recognize same-sex marriages or unions as being legal even if they have been performed in a state that allows the action.

What is the definition of legalism?

Legalism is of Chinese origin. It came under the reign of 'Qin ShiHuang' in the Qin Dynasty. It is the philosophy of following thElaws laid out by your leaders, and is a Chinese discipline.

The definition of a term?

A term is a constant, a variable, or combination of constants and variables. Examples: 7.13, 5x, where 5 is the coefficient of the variable xy, xyz, y, where the coefficient of the variable is assumed to be 1.

What is the legal definition of animal cruelty?

The legal definition of animal cruelty depends on the laws of your state/municipality. Some have a very narrow definition that only includes torture. In other locations the definition can be much more broad, possibly including: . beating or otherwise physically harming the animal . insufficien (MORE)

What is the legal definition of personal space?

Personal space is considered the area immediately surrounding an individual in which they feel safe. It varies from one person to another. When another person violates personal space it causes that person to feel insecure and uncomfortable. The more intimate the relationship, the less personal space (MORE)

What is the definition of term?

In algebra, a term can either be a single number, a variable or acombination of a number and a variable. For example, in 3x + 2 =11, the terms are 3x, 2 and 11.

What is the legal definition of marriage?

In the original statutes of marriage in the US, it was allowed between a husband and any number of wives. Interracial marriage was forbidden. Divorce was forbidden in almost all circumstances. Contraception was forbidden between married couples. The wife automatically took the surname of the husband (MORE)

What is the definition of terms?

the part of the expression that is added together Terms is the amount of money needed to purchase something. It is also the status with respect to the relations between people or groups.

What is the legal definition of a civil union?

The term "civil union" is used by several of the United States to describe a legal relationship that is equivalent or substantially equivalent to legal marriage, but which cannot be legally called a "marriage." Civil unions were primarily created for same-sex couples as an alternative to legal marri (MORE)

What is definition of terms?

1. A term is a word or expression used for some particular thing. Insect is the correct term for a bug. 2. It is also a limited period of time. I hereby sentence you to a prison term of two years behind bars. 3. In price the terms are amount of money needed to purchase something. T (MORE)

What is coffered slab?

A ceiling in which the beams and cross-beams leave a regular pattern of square or multi-sided sunken panels, or coffers, each of which is often decorated with molded, carved and painted decoration. Colonnade .

What is the definition of legality?

n. , pl. , -ties . . The state or quality of being legal; lawfulness. . Adherence to or observance of the law. . A requirement enjoined by law. Often used in the plural.

The definition of the word coffer ceiling?

A coffered ceiling is a method of finishing a ceiling by buildingin indented boxes. The word coffer is a word that can mean box orchest, and as such a coffered ceiling is quite literally a "boxedceiling."

What is the legal definition of a ship?

According to 33 USCS § 1471 (5), the noun "ship" is defined as -- "(A) a seagoing vessel of any type whatsoever, and (B) any floating craft, EXCEPT an installation or device engaged in the exploration and exploitation of the resources of the seabed and the ocean floor and the subsoil thereof."

What is legal definition of diversity?

Although the term diversity is often used in the law, especially when it, or a derivation of it, is used as a modifying adjective, the meaning of the word remains the same as the standard English dictionary version of it.

What are the royal coffers?

Royal Coffers typically referred to a medieval kingdoms accessible funds and/or treasury. Although rarely used nowadays, except maybe in Britain, The word coffers (or royal coffers if it's to be used in a hyperbole or joking manner)) itself can refer to the accessible funds or "treasury" of a simple (MORE)

What is a coffered ceiling?

A coffered ceiling is a ceiling containg sunken panels, or boxedindents. This style is used to create visual interest in a givenroom. This technique has been in use for centuries, sometimespractically to disguise beams and enhance weight distribution, butusually for decorative purposes.

What is the legal definition of unlawful detention?

Unlawful detention means, literally, holding some THING or some ONE in custody unlawfully. Under criminal law it means keeping or confining a person in custody without any lawful reason. In civil law it is keeping in custody real property to which one is not, and never has been, entitled. Thi (MORE)

What is a polestar by legal definition?

There is no legal definition for pole star. There is no legal definition for pole star. There is no legal definition for pole star. There is no legal definition for pole star.

What is the definition of a firearm in legal terms?

Under FEDERAL law (Title 18 US Code, Section 921) a firearm is defined as: 3) The term "firearm" means (A) any weapon (including a starter gun) which will or is designed to or may readily be converted to expel a projectile by the action of an explosive; (B) the frame or receiver of any such w (MORE)

What is the legal definition of Unfit Mother?

There is no standard legal definition of this term. It is simply a cumulative deduction arrived at by supportive evidence. It can include MANY things (e.g.: DWI with child in car - narcotics addiction to the point that the child is uncared for - living in filthy, unhealthy circumstances - etc - etc (MORE)

What is coffer slab?

A coffer slab is a sunken ceiling panel. They are often decoratedwith moldings, carvings, or paint. The coffers are usually setbetween the beams and cross-beams.

What is legal definition of child neglect?

Child neglect is a form of child abuse, and is a deficit in meetinga child's basic needs, including the failure to provide adequatehealth care, supervision, clothing, nutrition, housing as well astheir physical, emotional, social, educational and safety needs.

What is the legal definition of Probate?

According to Black's Law Dictionary, probate (which is also termed as "proof of will") is defined as the judicial procedure by which a testamentary document is established to be a valid will; providing of a will to the satisfaction of the court. If the will gets set aside, the will's probate is con (MORE)

What is the definition of legal seafood?

The definiton of legal seafood is that it is of standard quality of seafood at a restaraunt for serving to others and are not from anywhere toxic of poisonous.

What is the legal definition of hate crimes?

According to United States federal law, hate crimes are crimes that have the added element of bias. For example, if one were to target a particular person because of his race, gender, religion, or sexual orientation, the perpetrator could be charged with a hate crime.

What is the definition of 'legality'?

The answer to the question what the definition of 'legality' is well, the definition of legality is a state of being in accordance with the law and also can be defined as a requirement enjoined by law.

What is the legal definition of pet?

There is no universal "legal" definition for pet. You need to checkwith your particular city or town to see if there exists anyspecific ordinance that defines pet in your jurisdiction.

Legal sanctions definition?

Penalties or other means of enforcement used to provide incentivesfor obedience with the law, or with rules and regulations.