What is the definition of elodea leaf?

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An Elodea Cell is a multi-celled cell. It has a cell wall, ploraplats, and Cytoplasm. It also moves and grows. It is an underwater plant with grass-like leaves.
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What eats elodea?

Fish will eat off of elodia and if you have snails it will eat off of it.

What are Elodea cells?

Elodea cells are plant cells which are mainly found in aquaticplants which are commonly known as water weeds. They have a cellmembrane, mitochondria, nucleus, ribosome and so much more.

What is a leaf?

A leaf is a part of a plant that is used to soak up water (along with the roots) and sunlight.

What types of fish eat elodea?

Elodea is the most favourable fish plant. Although it has now been classified as an anoxious weed as it develops thickly in water ways clogging them. I am unaware of what country's and states hold this law, but in NSW it is.

Can snails eat elodea?

Yes, most pond snails eat elodea, or anachris. However, it usually depends on the species of snail. Land snails do not eat it, and most aquatic ones do.

How do Elodea move?

Elodea is an aquatic plant so it moves with the current of thewater that it is in. It only lives in freshwater and is known as awater weed.

What is an elodea leaf?

Elodea is a group of aquatic plants also called the waterweeds. AnElodea leaf would be a leaf from one of these plants.

What does the leaf do?

Leaf is a food factory for a plant. In it food is prepared with the help of sunlight, carbon dioxide and chllorophyl. It also losses un used water by stomata

What is an elodea cell?

An elodea cell is a small structure that makes up the aquaticplant. Elodea is also known as the waterweeds.

What does elodea do?

Well, an elodea is a plant...so, ask yourself, what does a plant do? Technically, nothing. Or, rather, nothing we see. However , it does do the little things that plants do--for example, create food, grow, reproduce, live...

What is the definition of a door leaf?

The door leaf is the door itself and the path that it travels in, Its even hard for my teachers to explain so i put it how the ordinary man would. If you have a door and you open it towards you, then that is the leaf of the door. if it is a double door then it has two leafs. If you would tape a penc (MORE)

What does Elodea eat?

Elodea thrives in a nutrient-rich environment, but will grow undermany conditions in many types of sediment. It can even continue togrow unrooted, as floating fragments.

When the elodea leaf is moved from salt solution n placed back in water what happens to the cells?

When you deal with problems like this, you need to consider diffusion and osmosis. In this case, you would refer to diffusion, which is the movement of water across a membrane from high concentrations to low concentrations (to try to balance the concentrations).. First consider what happens to the (MORE)

Is Elodea an organism?

Yes. An organism is anything that is alive. What constitutes alive? Something that's alive fulfills these 7 requirements: Homeostasis. This means regulating the internal environment. Does Elodea regulate itself? Yes. Organization, or being made up of one or more cells. Elodea is made of cells. Meta (MORE)

What do elodea eats?

Elodea is an aquatic plant so it receives its energy through photosynthesis. Most aquatic plants require micro- and macro-nutrients in order to thrive (carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus, hydrogen, oxygen, sulfur, & iron). In addition to nutrients, proper lighting and good water quality are a necessity. C (MORE)

How many cell layers are in an Elodea leaf?

You have asked "how many cell layers are there in an Elodea cell". Obviously a cell cannot contain layers of cells so your original question is nonsense. What you should have asked is "how many cell layers are there in an Elodea leaf?". Read it again. Think about it. Think until it hurts then think (MORE)

Where does Elodea live?

Its a weed, living in fresh waterways, native to North America, it was brought to Europe and the rest of the world by botanics.

What happens to a elodea leaf when it is soaked in salt solution?

They would wither because the salt solution is a hypotonic solution. This meaning that there is more water concentration inside the elodea leafs, and less in the solution outside the cell, so the water inside the cell rushes out. Down the concentration gradient, causing the leafs to wither.

What is the definition of stem leaf and plot?

A stem and leaf plot is one type of histogram. A simple bar chart histogram show the frequency of data in certain ranges. The leaf and stem plot has the advantage of identifying both the frequency of the data in intervals and the data values that are in the intervals.. Two disadvantages to the plot (MORE)

How elodea move?

Elodea is a pond weed and they do not move, they are quite stationary because it is a plant

Is a elodea a organism?

Yes Elodea is a freshwater aquatic plant frequently used in aquaria. Elodea is also known as Anacharis and is frequently used in microbiology demonstrations because it exhibits "streaming" cytoplasm.

What happens to elodea leafs when they are soaked in salt solution?

They would wither because the salt solution is a hypotonic solution. This meaning that there is more water concentration inside the elodea leafs, and less in the solution outside the cell, so the water inside the cell rushes out. Down the concentration gradient, causing the leafs to wither.

What are leaf?

a leaf is a thing that falls from mean trees and then a leaf gets all crunchy and warm then you can serve it to your bro and a leaf can also be a type of thing that you can make mocha chi tea with

Can a elodea cell live on is own?

G1N4* It cannot because it is not an organism. it is not free living, and does not follow the characteristics of life, but it is a living thing.

Inserted leaf in table top--definition?

Originally a table leaf was a hinged section on the end(s) of a table that could be folded up when the table needed to be lengthened to accommodate more people, but folded down when not in use to conserve space, such as a drop-leaf table or a gate-leg table, the idea being that these hinged sections (MORE)

Does elodea move?

if you really wanna know go to africa and then sky dive into the ocean and then come back and you will know! i hope i helped! ;)

What causes the elodea leaf cells to be flexible?

Well because the elodea leaf is a plant cell the flexibility can be factored down to the support cell skeleton which is mad up of microtubles which have enough resistance and spring in them enabling them to allow the cell to hold their shape but allowing it to bend. another factor can be of the me (MORE)

Why do you not stain an elodea leaf when observing cells?

because it is already green when you look at it so if you stain it, say with methylene blue, the color will change and you will not be able to recognize some of the structures in the cell like you would without it being stained.

Are cells flexible for elodea leaf cells?

The cell wall has very little flexibility - but the cell membrane is flexible. With elodea cells, the cell wall will stay in the same place, but the cell membrane will move. Plasmolysis, shrinking due to water loss, causes the cell contents to shrink, while the cell wall remains almost the same. (MORE)

What do the leafs do?

The main function of leaves is photsynthesis (converting sunlight into food for the plant), but they also release excess water through transpiration.