What is the definition of elodea leaf?

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An Elodea Cell is a multi-celled cell. It has a cell wall, ploraplats, and Cytoplasm. It also moves and grows. It is an underwater plant with grass-like leaves.
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What is an elodea leaf?

Elodea is a group of aquatic plants also called the waterweeds. AnElodea leaf would be a leaf from one of these plants.

How many cell layers are in an Elodea leaf?

You have asked "how many cell layers are there in an Elodea cell". Obviously a cell cannot contain layers of cells so your original question is nonsense. What you should have

What causes the elodea leaf cells to be flexible?

Well because the elodea leaf is a plant cell the flexibility can be factored down to the support cell skeleton which is mad up of microtubles which have enough resistance and

Are cells flexible for elodea leaf cells?

The cell wall has very little flexibility - but the cell membrane is flexible. With elodea cells, the cell wall will stay in the same place, but the cell membrane will move.