What is the definition of taking a break?

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"To cease to toil with an intent to rest"
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What does it mean to take a break?

Answer . To stop whatever task you are currently doing and rest for a short period.

Can a love take a break?

Absolutly not. If someone really is in love for who you are then they shouldn't need a break. If you are doin things that make her not love you than she doesnt love you for you. When someone says they love you then it means that everything you do they love. You cant bend the sayin i love you. For example, i love the way you feel and look and think...but i don't like the way you drink or smoke. That means she doesnt love you for you and if she say's she needs a break then she wants to be away from you. Also meaning breaking up with you because technically she isn't with you for those days, weeks, months. I was asked to take a break and i questioned myself and her if what we had was true love and it wasnt. True love doesnt come very often and if someone doesnt like you for you then its not true love

What aboutEngaged couples taking a break?

Answer . If taking a break from each other, better now than after the marriage. Cheaper too!

Does taking a break in a relationship work?

Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't - however, whatever the outcome is it is generally for the best of both parties. It gives you time to sort out your feelings and decide what you really want.

How long does it take to break a habit?

I think that it depends on the person, it can take month's, weeks, years it depends how much the person is motivated to want to break the habit.

Forgot to take pill after break?

Hi,. Take the pill as soon as you remember but use a back-up method of protection - a condom for 7 days.

What does take a break mean?

it can mean a lot of things. it can mean "go sit down" or in a relationship it can mean we should not be with each other for a while (a week or more... like forever). it is a nice way to say we are done

Is taking a break the end of a relationship?

Not necessarily but it will give one another time to decide if this is what you really want individually.

Where does break dancing take place?

BREAK DANCING COMES FROM MIAMI ON THE STREETS ;) . Break dancing usually takes place on the streets where different groups of people have dance offs against each other and get the same amount of time in which to show off there moves.

What is the definition of a break from another person?

A break from another person means you both need 'head space' as things may not be working out (you may be arguing or one is abusive to the other) or, one isn't ready to commit to a long lasting relationship. Sometimes if two people break away from each other it gives each person a chance to settle down and figure out what they truly want in life and sometimes it includes the person they are having the break from. I am sure you have heard this quote: 'You can't see the forest for the trees.' This simply means you have narrowed your vision to include each other, but haven't entered into the forest of life to see the true full picture of things.

To take a break?

Relax ! Listen to music, eat a snack, read a book, or just sit and do nothing. Do whatever makes you feel good !

What does it mean to take a break in a relationship?

To distance yourselves from each other and allow time to find yourselves and take the pressure off of the relationship. This should only be done when it really is getting hsrd though and should not be taken lightly as sometimes things can never go back to the way they were x x hi, your sad for looking at this.. get a life!!

How much does it take to break an elbow?

It takes about 7 pounds of pressure to break an elbow according to the UFC

What to do if he wants to take a break?

taking a break, usually a euphemism for I am seeing someone else. A Break from what? WHY? I would say sail on to greener pastures and get someone that will love you instead of use you. You teach people how to treat you, if he can come and go with your blessing (by taking him back it is your blessing) then he will as there is no down side. If he wants a break then chances are he is trying to let you down easy and has no intentions of coming back. Let him go and move on - don't wait around for what may never happen.

How long does it take to break a horse?

I have a family member who lives on a farm with horses, and over there it normally takes new horses that arrive there about a month or two. It really depends on the attitude of the horse. If it likes to be around people and loves to take treats from people, than it will most likely be quicker to break it. If it it skiddish and gets spooked easy, than it might take more time.

What is the definition of breaking capacity of circuit breaker?

I haven't heard of this in relation to a breaker. Breakers will have ratings for short circuit interrupting, max voltage, line charging, etc. A load break switch will have a "breaking capacity", meaning it can be opened as long as the load current is below the breaking rating.

What does it mean when you take break in your relationtionship?

It simply means your too close and the other needs some space. If they start hanging out with someone else while your on your break then it means they might leave you.

What is the definition of price taking?

It is important to know what words mean. The definition of "pricetaking" is a company or individual that is not influential enoughto affect the price of an item.

What is the definition of a page break in Microsoft?

In printing, a code that marks the end of a page. A "hard" page break, inserted by the user, breaks the page at that location. "Soft" page breaks are created by word processing and report programs based on the current page length setting.

What does it take to break chemical bonds?

Chemical reactions occur if the overall energy of the system is lowered and / or if the overall disorder of the system is increased.

Why does Smallville take a break?

It's very simple - TV and filming wise.. In the case of the TV reason - usually there's only 22 episodes a season and they want to be able to air the majority of them when they feel they'll get the best ratings.. Filming reason - the actors work July until like April and that's a daily schedule including even the weekend at times if last second changes have to be done so they do it to give the actors a break which is something the production team don't really get much of since they work nearly daily excluding special cases such as holidays.

What it he definition of goning to take a vacation?

It sounds like you got the same fortune cookie that I did, it's just a typo. Sounds like we are both goning on a vacation, LOL.

What is the meaning of taking a break in a relationship?

It means not seeing each other for a while to see if you're happier together or apart. Usually this is just a cowards way to break up with someone though.

How do you know when its time to take a break?

When you are pondering if you should take a break ^ Or when you see a Kit-Kat..

What can a boyfriend take in a break up?

a boyfriend is entitled to anything that he has given you during the relationship, or anything of his that is in your possesion from the last time you were together, however if it was a serious relationship, chances are, he's not going to rob you of those items, thus robbing you of your memories together

Alright my exboyfriend haven been dating long but we just broke up and he said we are taking a break I asked him what his definition was for break and he said get to know each other what does he mean.?

he dumped you and he just feels like he dont understand you and so he wants to b just friends so he can get to no you better

Can love take a break?

No, if you love someone you'll stay with them through the worst. If you cant do that then you dont love eachother.

What does taking a break really mean?

It means that you need "me time", if you wish to call it that. It is where you need to take a break from someone and let all off the pressure off of your shoulders.

When should you take a break from the computer?

If you find yourself feeling tired from sitting in the same position for too long, or from looking at the screen too long, it would be beneficial to take a break. In general, I would expect that you would need a break every few hours at the least. Different people have different amounts of stamina, so some get tired faster.

What is the definition in football of breaking the plane?

When commentators and football fans say "breaking the plane" they're talking about the endzone. The first and foremost rule in scoring a touchdown is that the football must break the plane or cross into the endzone some kind of way for anyone to even think about it being a touchdown. If a team runs the ball, it wouldn't matter if the player got his whole body into the endzone. If the ball didn't break the plane as he went in it is not a touchdown. If the ball is passed and is caught by a player who is falling forward out of the endzone and he doesn't allow the ball to break the plane it is not a touchdown.

Definition of the breaking capacity of a circuit breaker?

The interrupting rating of a breaker relates to the amount of current the breaker can interrupt. Think of current as a linebacker - The bigger he is, the harder it is to stop him dead in his tracks. That's what a circuit breaker does when it opens up large amounts of current. If the line backer is too big (more current than the breaker is rated for), he will just keep coming, and force the breaker back closed (in reality, parts of the breaker will probably melt, causing a plasma bridge between contacts, which will cause more heating until catastrophic failure occurs).

What would you take on a weekend break?

i would take a break just play some video games and eat some good food and sleep in at morning time

What do you do when your girlfriend wants to take a break?

If you don't want her to, talk to her about it. And if that doesn't work, you are just going to have to face that she wants to take a break.

What does 'Taking a break' mean in a relationship?

'Taking a break' is a relationship generally means the couple go their separate ways for a period of time. This term is also referred too as 'head space.' One or both couples may feel their relationships either have too many problems or they are not getting along. Sometimes when two people are away from each other the heart grows fonder (meaning they realize how much they miss that person.)

How long does it take to break in an accordion?

You don't "break in" an accordion. Chances are if your accordion is not working it is already broken

What is the definition of Breaking News?

Breaking news is a newsworthy event that is currently unfolding even as it's being reported upon. One example would be TV crews covering a disaster such as an earthquake or plane crash, and showing (live and on the air) the rescuers trying to get to the survivors.

How long does it take a can to break down?

Depending on the conditions for decomposition, it varies. It may take up to 80 years. You can read more about decomposition of many household items, including cans, below.

How long does it take to break the hymen?

If shes arosed it wont take to long....just keep thrust yourself in her it will break in no time

How do you take a break from a long relationship?

If you are not happy with a relationship you can talk to your parter and call it a break for a week or something but if your so done with a relationship then call it a split for good but also you don't want to be the heart breaker so don't call it dumping

What is the simple definition of break beat?

a term used to describe a collection of sub-genres of electronic music, usually characterized by the use of a non-straightened 4/4 drum pattern

Can you take a break in your mortgage payments?

No. If you don't pay you will be considered delinquent. The default will be reported to your credit record. There may be late fees added. No. If you don't pay you will be considered delinquent. The default will be reported to your credit record. There may be late fees added. No. If you don't pay you will be considered delinquent. The default will be reported to your credit record. There may be late fees added. No. If you don't pay you will be considered delinquent. The default will be reported to your credit record. There may be late fees added.

What is the definition of long break line?

it is used to shorten long objects in technical drawings with uniform detail, typically represented as a jagged line threw the uniform area to shorten the picture.

What is the definition of inr when you take coumadin?

In medical terms INR stands for International Normalized Ratio. It measures how long it take for the blood to clot. If the INR is 2 that means it takes the blood twice as long as normal to clot.

Can taking a break strengthen a relationship?

Of course, being always with someone is known to lead to a break-up, so the break can improve a relationship with someone by giving you each some time apart to think, and also make you miss each other, but it can also ruin it since one or both of you can find someone else or just distant you from each other. Taking a break is always a risk, so you have to decide what to do by yourself.

What definite age rating is breaking dawn?

Breaking dawn (both parts) are rated PG-13.part 1 has some sexual content in there but part 2 on the other hand, Doesn't

What is the definition of note taking?

Note taking (or notetaking ) is the practice of writing down pieces of information in a systematic way. :P -St.Patrick :P christine dela cruz :))))))))))))))))) Licsian :)))))))))))))

Can you take a break when working?

Of course you can! However, there may be consequences. If your employer does not allow breaks, you could get fired. Sometimes that is unfair, because you need a break to go to the bathroom or you are just too exhausted by physical labor to continue working. You have to decide if the break is worth the risk of losing your job. In some states, breaks are covered by labor laws. In New York State, for example, most employers are required to provide one 15-minute break when the employee is working 4 hours (that would be a paid break) and one 30-minute break on an 8 hour shift (this is not a paid break). You can only do your best! If you MUST stop working due to physical issues (bathroom/exhaustion), you'll just have to do it. There is no choice, really, since you MUST. If, on the other hand, you just WANT a break because you're tired, you might need to just focus on the prize: your pay at the end of the week! Keep working. Sometimes, people keep working in dangerous physical conditions, like they are feeling lightheaded or dehydrated. In these cases, it's a medical issue, so you'd have to take care of it. Otherwise, you could end up in the hospital!

What does it mean that he wants to take a break?

In my eyes I think it means that he doesn't want to lose you, but maybe right now he just wants to not have you around him so often. Maybe he just doesn't know what his feeling, and my stressing to him- will never work, my advise is to just give him some space and let him know that you still want him - if that is what you want.

What is the break down and definition of the word cardiopulmonary?

Cardio means relating to the heart or circulatory system and pulmonary refers to the lungs or respiratory system. So cardiopulmonary usually refers to the blood vessels in lungs that allow oxygen to enter the bloodstream.

What does it take to break an iPod?

iPods are definitely not bulletproof, and it doesn't take much to break them. A simple slip onto the concrete can crack the screen, and depending on how high it fell, can definitely break it. Dropping an iPod in water will cause damage too, often so that it will turn on, but it won't boot up. To avoid accidental drops and spills, purchase a shock-proof case for your iPod.