What is the definition of taking a break?

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"To cease to toil with an intent to rest"
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What is the definition of a break from another person?

A break from another person means you both need 'head space' as things may not be working out (you may be arguing or one is abusive to the other) or, one isn't ready to commit

To take a break?

Relax ! Listen to music, eat a snack, read a book, or just sit and do nothing. Do whatever makes you feel good !

What is the definition of breaking capacity of circuit breaker?

I haven't heard of this in relation to a breaker. Breakers will have ratings for short circuit interrupting, max voltage, line charging, etc. A load break switch will have a "

What is the definition of a page break in Microsoft?

In printing, a code that marks the end of a page. A "hard" page break, inserted by the user, breaks the page at that location. "Soft" page breaks are created by word processin

What is the definition in football of breaking the plane?

When commentators and football fans say "breaking the plane" they're talking about the endzone. The first and foremost rule in scoring a touchdown is that the football must br

Definition of the breaking capacity of a circuit breaker?

The interrupting rating of a breaker relates to the amount of current the breaker can interrupt. Think of current as a linebacker - The bigger he is, the harder it is to stop

What is the definition of Breaking News?

Breaking news is a newsworthy event that is currently unfolding even as it's being reported upon. One example would be TV crews covering a disaster such as an earthquake o
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What is the definition of long break line?

it is used to shorten long objects in technical drawings with uniform detail, typically represented as a jagged line threw the uniform area to shorten the picture.